Imlie star Fahmaan Khan finally confesses his feelings for Sumbul Touqeer Khan


Imlie star Fahmaan Khan finally confesses his feelings for Sumbul Touqeer Khan


Imlie TV Serial Jodi of Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan are one of the most popular television Jodi who has grabbed everyone's attention with their chemistry.

Aryan and Imlie have won the hearts of the audience with their performances as Imlie's co-stars.

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Both are also seen having a lot of fun off-screen. In fact, people started speculating about their personal relationship after Fahmaan Khan was spotted dropping her at home after the night shift.

Apart from Imlie, they are also seen in Ravivar with the Star Parivar.

Talking about their friendship, Fahmaan said that he remains concerned and protective of Sumbul, as she is much younger than him.

Fahmaan Khan considered protective of Sumbul Touqeer Khan:-

He also said that she throws small tantrums when they are together. Fahmaan Khan said that he likes to show her the bigger picture of life when he feels that Sumbul doesn't understand a certain POV.

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At the same time, Fahmaan also said, "I am very protective of her as she is still very young, and, we have a lot of fun on the sets with her funny jokes. Sumbul is a lot of fun to work with."

Well, their chemistry is loved by the fans and they are considered to be one of the most loved couples on-screen.

Meanwhile, the new track of the show has left their fans heartbroken after the duo parted ways and they won't be able to see the romance between them.

But fans are hopeful that soon Aryan and Imlie will sort out their differences and they would be able to see their romance again.

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