Imlie Actor Fahman Khan Gets Furious At The Fans: Strictly Warns Against


Imlie Actor Fahman Khan Gets Furious At The Fans: Strictly Warns Against Spreading Negativity And Hatred


Fahman Khan is one of the famous actors and is currently winning hearts with his amazing performance in the daily soap of Starplus - Imlie. His on-screen pairing with Sumbul Tauqeer is appreciated by the audience.

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However, today, Fahman was quite upset and furious as some of his fans pages that were spreading hatred against his former co-stars.

The actor took to his Instagram handle to teach the lesson to the fan clubs that are doing the same.

Fahman has many fan clubs dedicated to him and it seems that the actor is upset with one fan club spreading negativity. The actor looked extremely upset and expressed his anger in the video.

Fahman started the video by saying, "I am making this video with regards to all the hatred and negativity that a lot of people are spreading towards the actors I have worked with before."

Fahman also added, "For you, it will be a fight, time pass, it will be fun but we actors work hard throughout the day to entertain you."

Fahman also clearly stated in the video that he does not want such a fan following to spread hatred among others.

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Fahman strictly warned people who are constantly spreading hatred on social media and said that if this happens next time, he will report those accounts and remove them from social media.

At the end of the video, Fahman asks fans to stop spreading hatred and negativity.

In the caption of this video, Fahman wrote, "This is a very serious issue and I am extremely disappointed with all of you who are doing this.

I will no longer accept any of this. Please rest assured that I will take the time to do what I said in the video. I love everything you all do but negativity and hatred are unacceptable.

Positivity in life reflects a lot about who you are and what you will be as a person. If you have hate please keep it to yourself and enjoy your life with it."

About Fahman Khan

Talking about Fahman Khan, he entered the show Imlie as a parallel lead however, after the end of Aditya's character, Fahman's role, Aryan Singh Rathore played the main lead, and his love story with Imlie developed.

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Sumbul Tauqeer and his on-screen chemistry are appreciated by the audience and they are tagged as 'Arylie' by the fans of the show.

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