Imlie 8th July 2022 Written Update: Malini Uses Her Baby To Ruin Imlie; Neela Gets The Baby Kidnapped

Imlie 8th July 2022 Written Update: Malini Uses Her Baby To Ruin Imlie; Neela Gets The Baby Kidnapped


Imlie Today Episode - Malini Uses Her Baby To Ruin Imlie; Neela Gets The Baby Kidnapped

At the beginning of today's Imlie 8th July 2022 episode, Imlie plays with the new baby while Aryan gets irritated by the noise and stops her from talking to the baby in that voice. 

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Aryan and Imlie tease each other and Aryan gets up to change the baby’s diaper. 

After that, when Aryan asks Imlie to throw him a milk bottle to feed the baby, she playfully throws a diaper on him instead and starts giggling. 

Aryan then brings a book to read to the baby but Imlie stops him because the baby is already asleep. 

Meanwhile, looking at the hospital bills, Anu questions Malini about why did she even give birth to Aditya’s baby.

Hearing Anu's words, Malini recalls the scene in the hospital where she agreed to have an abortion in front of the doctor but stops after seeing Imlie and Aryan’s wedding news on the Television. 

Malini remembers all the flashbacks of Imlie and Aditya throwing her out of the house. 

Before going for the abortion, she decides to take revenge on Imlie by keeping this child. 

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Coming back to her senses, Malini tells Anu that this baby has reached Imlie and soon will become the source of all upcoming problems in her life. 

Later, Aryan decides to go to the police to file a missing report of the baby so that her real parents can be found. 

Imlie names the baby Gudiya and asks Aryan to come back soon, and Aryan kisses Imlie on the cheek before leaving. 

After Aryan leaves, the family members start playing with Gudiya and the baby starts crying. 

Neela comes there and picks up the baby to stop her from crying, the baby pees on her and Imlie starts teasing her for that. 

Narmada asks Imlie to bring milk for the baby, and Imlie goes to the kitchen and she starts warming up the milk for Gudiya. 

Suddenly, Imlie feels dizzy and faints in the kitchen, while Neela walks into the kitchen and smiles seeing this. 

Neela thinks about how Aryan talked to her rudely for the first time because of Imlie and decides not to let another member of Imlie’s family add to the Rathore house. 

At the same time, someone rings the doorbell and Neela gets up to see who it is and leaves an unconscious Imlie in the kitchen. 

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At the door, some women enter the Rathore house claiming that they belong to a girls' foundation. 

Meanwhile, Neela recalls how she secretly ordered someone to come with some ladies to their house like that and instructed them what to say. 

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Imlie Comes For The Baby's Rescue

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie disguises herself as an old lady and saves the baby from some men. 

Imlie says she will rescue the baby at any cost and ties the baby on her back and faces the men bravely.

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