Imlie 4th July 2022 Written Update - Aryan In Trouble! Will Imlie Save Aryan ? Malini On Her Mission

Imlie 4th July 2022 Written Update - Aryan In Trouble! Will Imlie Save Aryan ? Malini On Her Mission


In today's episode of the Imlie serial, Aryan thinks that he has to find out the name of the person who kidnapped him and plans this.

Later, Aryan kicks one of the goons when he is distracted and skillfully guesses the locations of the other goons even when they are blindfolded.

Continuing his fight, Aryan manages to untie himself and remove the blindfold.
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Aryan wants to know the person who wants to kidnap him when suddenly a goon hits him in the head with a glass bottle.

Due to the impact, Aryan faints, while the goon is scolded for hurting Aryan as it will reduce his worth.

Later, Jyoti scolds the goon for hurting Aryan, while the goon demands 5 crore from Jyoti instead of 5 lakh.

Jyoti gets worried as she does not have that much money and hopes that Imlie plans to save Aryan.

Elsewhere, Harry brings Imlie to a bar where Aryan has been held captive.

Jyoti angrily breaks the glass vase and Narmada comes to see her after hearing the voice.

Jyoti comes to Harry's room with a plan to get 5 crores from him and she gets disappointed when she sees that Harry is not in the room.

However, Jyoti has another idea and calls the police and informs about Aryan's kidnapping.

Back at the bar, Imlie and Harry see Aryan from a window and try to talk with him but fail as Aryan doesn't respond.

The goons come there and Aryan is shocked and shaken which makes Imlie and Harry realize that he has been knocked unconscious.

Imlie Upcoming Story - Imlie Will Lose Her Child and Aryan; Jyoti and Malini Shake Hands

At Rathore's house, Jyoti talks to the police and tells the police that the prime suspect is Kerry as she is nowhere to be found.

Neela and Gudiya also support this suspicion after which the police find the family jewels from Kerry's belongings which Jyoti had secretly kept in that bag.

Back at the bar, Imlie disguises as Kerry and makes arrangements to enter the bar.

At the same time, the goons see the news of Aryan's kidnapping and plan to kill him before he is caught.

Kerry notices the anxious behavior of the goons and follows them to get to Aryan.

In the next episode of Imlie, Imli is trying to fool the bartender and go to the room where Aryan is kept.

Elsewhere, Malini plays with some toys and says that she and Imlie never got a chance to play together in childhood, even though they were sisters.

Malini sets the toys on fire. She looks at fire alarmingly and says that she will take revenge for everything that Imli took away from her and will make Imlie suffer.

Further, Malini says that she knows that Imli is pregnant and plans to re-enter Imli's life and kidnap the child to take revenge.

Back at the bar, the goons bring an unconscious Aryan inside their vehicle and drive away.

Imli manages to fool the bartender and walks into the room but gets worried seeing him empty.

Imlie is trying to look around the room for some clues.

How will Imli take care of her pregnancy to save her husband from being killed by the goons?

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