Imlie 30th July 2022 Written Update: Cheeni Spoils Malini's Plan And Saves Narmada


Imlie 30th July 2022 Written Update: Cheeni Spoils Malini's Plan And Saves Narmada


Imlie Today Episode - Cheeni Spoils Malini's Plan And Saves Narmada

At the beginning of today's Imlie 30th July 2022 episode, Cheeni wonders what to feed Aryan while he offers to give her money to buy something from outside.

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However, Cheeni refuses to touch his thing and tells Aryan to eat the Laddoo she gave him earlier.

After that, Cheeni and Aryan get into a funny banter.

In Delhi, Malini comes to the Rathore house and video calls Aryan and asks him to come back against Arpita's protests.

In Pagdandiya, Cheeni picks up the video call and Malini suddenly gets flashbacks of her baby when she sees Cheeni.

Then, Malini reveals to Aryan that Narmada's health is worsening and demands he return to Delhi immediately.

Meanwhile, Imlie returns home and tries to open the door and hopes that Aryan has sent some lawyer and hasn't come there himself.

Cheeni yells at them to calm everyone and further gives instructions to Arpita to make a herbal tea for Narmada.

After drinking the tea, Narmada's health gets better and she tells Aryan not to return in hurry.

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Meanwhile, Imlie somehow manages to enter the home through the window and sees Cheeni shaking hands with the city guy.

However, Imlie gets a call from the news channel's editor Kamal and immediately leaves to attend the call.

Kamal scolds Imlie for having learned that she worked for Bhaskar Times in the past and didn't inform him about it.

Imlie reveals the true reason behind her exiting the Bhaskar Times but Kamal doesn't give Imlie any other option rather than to solve the matter without having to go to court.

Elsewhere, Imlie sees the watch and cries gets emotional and remembers her memories with Aryan.

In Delhi, Anu tries to indicate getting Aryan and Malini married but Malini firmly refuses and says that she and Aryan are business partners only.

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Meanwhile, in Pagdandiya, Aryan realizes that his watch is missing and Cheeni offers to help him look for his watch.

Just then, Aryan gets a call from Sundar and he leaves and forgets to wait for Cheeni while Imlie stops Cheeni and asks her why she let the city guy into their house.

Cheeni tells Imlie that he wanted to meet her and gives Imlie the remaining half of the laddoo and jokes that a love story can be formed between her and the city guy since they shared the same laddoo.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Destiny Reunites Aryan And Imlie

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Aryan challenges Imlie and says that she can’t win over him. 

Aryan further asks Imlie to apologise and tells her that she is playing with the fire.

However, Imlie says that this time she won’t apologise to him and she has fire inside her while Aryan says he won’t leave without getting her apology.

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