Imlie 29th July 2022 Written Update: Cheeni Takes Aryan To Meet Imlie; Anu Spikes Narmada's Drink


Imlie 29th July 2022 Written Update: Cheeni Takes Aryan To Meet Imlie; Anu Spikes Narmada's Drink


Imlie Today Episode - Cheeni Takes Aryan To Meet Imlie; Anu Spikes Narmada's Drink

At the beginning of today's Imlie 29th July 2022 episode, the villagers argue with Imlie while she states that she won't create drama by going inside the temple.

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Cheeni questions Imlie why she is not using Girl power to which Imlie tells her that they shouldn't create drama inside the temple.

Imlie tells Cheeni that she can go inside the temple as only Imlie is banned from entering the temple.

After that, Imlie gets a call from Kamal who informs her about a man from the city demanding to meet her.

Imlie drops off Cheeni and goes to the office while Aryan waits for Imlie at the news office.

Meanwhile, Cheeni realizes that she has forgotten to bring Prasad and goes to the temple.

Elsewhere, Imlie's sandal breaks and she sits to fix it while Aryan gets impatient and angrily leaves the office.

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Later, Cheeni notices Aryan going into the car and runs to him and thanks him once again for saving her.

However, Aryan scolds Cheeni and threatens to call her mother but Cheeni tells him to not do it in exchange for Prasad.

Cheeni further tells Aryan that she knows everyone in the village while Aryan requests Cheeni to make him meet with the reporter from Ujwalla Pagdandiya.

However, Cheeni doesn't reveal that she is Imlie's daughter or her name instead Cheeni tells Aryan that she will take him there.

Meanwhile, at the office, Imlie learns that the reporter is from the Bhaskar times and gets worried thinking that it could be Aryan.

In Delhi, Anu holds a kitty party in the Rathore house and the ladies talk about Aryan and Malini being a perfect couple while Anu spikes Narmada's drink and informs Malini about the same.

In Pagdandiya, Cheeni learns that Aryan is there to fight with the reporter Imlie from Pagdandiya and blindfolds him before taking him to their house.

At the same time, Imlie learns from one of their colleagues that Cheeni is roaming around the entire village with a city man and gets furious.

Imlie goes to look for him while she finds an expensive watch and thinks that it is from the guy from Bhaskar times.

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Aryan Rescues Cheeni

On the other hand, at Imlie's house, Cheeni ties Aryan's hands to the bed and looks for something to feed him, and gets worried.

Meanwhile, Anu calls Malini and tells her to come to the Rathore house as her part of the plan is done.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Destiny Reunites Aryan And Imlie

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Aryan challenges Imlie and says that she can’t win over him. 

Aryan further asks Imlie to apologise and tells her that she is playing with the fire.

However, Imlie says that this time she won’t apologise to him and she has fire inside her while Aryan says he won’t leave without getting her apology.

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