Imlie 15th July 2022 Written Update: Malini's Villainous Plan; Imlie Falls Down The Stairs

Imlie 15th July 2022 Written Update: Malini's Villainous Plan; Imlie Falls Down The Stairs; Aryan Fails To Save Imlie


Imlie Today Episode - Malini's Villainous Plan; Imlie Falls Down The Stairs; Aryan Fails To Save Imlie

At the beginning of today's Imlie 15th July 2022 episode, Imlie gets emotional to see little Gudiya and hugs her while the baby is sleeping.

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Afterwards, Imlie sees the adoption centre papers and gets worried.

Just then, Malini comes there and tells Imlie that her time is up and threatens to kick her out.

Aryan barges in with Anu behind him while Imlie invites them to their pooja at home the next day.

Anu refuses however Malini tells Imlie that they will surely attend the Pooja.

Afterwards, Aryan and Imlie go to the orphanage whose name was on the adoption paper and learn that Malini is bribing them to hide that she is Gudiya's mother and is planning to keep her daughter in the orphanage.

Imlie thinks that she has to do something to protect Gudiya while Aryan stops her and tells her that he feels jealous to see her care for others.

Aryan tells Imlie that he is supporting her for the last time as a team and warns her against losing herself for others' sake.

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Meanwhile, at the Chaturvedi house, Malini tells Anu that she knows Imlie is trying to trap her in her plan and says that she has her own toy to ruin Imlie's happiness.

Malini hits the rubber ball on the wheel of the baby pram and makes it fall down.

The next day at the Pooja, Malini and Anu taunt Imlie and says that a mother should always care for her own child first.

During the pooja, little Gudiya starts crying and Malini-Anu intentionally doesn't take care of the baby to get Imlie's attention.

Imlie tells Malini to take the baby to another room and shows her the way to go to the room.

As soon as Imlie leaves, Malini throws the milk into a potted plant and comes outside and lies to Imlie that the baby is crying even after drinking the entire bottle of milk.

Imlie gets worried after recalling the doctor's words and runs to the room where the sees the discarded milk and gets angry.

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Imlie makes the milk for the baby and vows to teach Malini a befitting lesson. 

As the Pooja is about to begin, Imlie brings the baby outside when the lady from the orphanage also arrives there.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Aryan Fails To Save Imlie; Imlie Falls Down The Stairs

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Aryan holds little Gudiya in his arms while Imlie climbs up the stairs. 

Suddenly a rubber ball comes down the stairs due to which Imlie slips and falls from the stairs. 

Aryan gets shocked to see that but he fails to save her as he is holding little Gudiya.

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