Imlie 14th July 2022 Written Update: Aryan Warns Malini And Anu; Imlie Goes Against Aryan

Imlie 14th July 2022 Written Update: Aryan Warns Malini And Anu; Imlie Goes Against Aryan


Imlie Today Episode - Aryan Warns Malini And Anu; Imlie Goes Against Aryan

At the beginning of today's Imlie 14th July 2022 episode, Imlie and Aryan break into Malini’s house to see little Gudiya and gather evidence against Malini for not being a good mother.

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As Aryan and Imlie stand in the baby’s room, Malini enters the room while Aryan starts shooting her with a camera. 

However, Malini takes the camera out of Aryan’s hand and starts to shoot a video proving her innocence but Imlie tells her to stop acting. 

Afterwards, Malini tells Imlie to leave her house. 

Aryan and Imlie return home and Imlie asks Aryan why did they leave the baby there when they know that Malini is not treating little Gudiya right. 

Aryan tries to explain to Imlie that no manner what kind of a mother Malini is, they can’t teach her to be good at parenting. 

Aryan asks Imlie to stop interfering in Malini’s problems and walks away from her. 

The next day, in the office, Imlie seems lost and Aryan scolds her for not paying attention to work. 

Afterwards, Imlie cries in front of Aryan saying that nobody will love little Gudiya in Malini’s house. 

Aryan takes Imlie’s hand and walks out of the office with her and drives to Malini’s house. 

Malini opens the door while Aryan warns her that as soon as they gather evidence, they will report her to the police. 

Hearing this, Anu says that they don't care about the threats given by them and says she’ll counter-sue them. 

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Aryan says to Anu that she can do whatever she wants and gives a final warning to Anu and is about to leave with Imlie. 

Suddenly, the baby starts crying and Malini asks if Imlie wants to go inside to see the baby. 

However, when Imlie starts to go inside, Malini asks her to apologise to her first, about everything in their past, however, Imlie refuses. 

Just then, the nanny comes and informs them that the baby is crying a lot today, which tempts Imlie to go inside while Anu asks Imlie to apologise first, but Aryan stops her. 

However, Imlie goes against Aryan’s request and apologises to Malini while Malini further humiliates her by asking her to join her hands and then say sorry, to which Imlie agrees. 

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Imlie then goes inside and picks up the baby and swaddles her to calm her down. 

Imlie promises the baby that she will never differentiate between her and chiku. 

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Imlie Learns About Malini's Plan

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie sees an orphanage form in little Gudiya’s room. 

Imlie realises that Malini is planning to send little Gudiya to an orphanage when Malini comes there and questions her.

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