GHKKPM 6th July 2022 Written Update: Pakhi's Crocodile Tears Made Dumb Virat Foolish; Puts Entire Blame On Sai

Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 6th July 2022 Written Update: Pakhi's Crocodile Tears Made Dumb Virat Foolish; Puts Entire Blame On Sai


GHKKPM Written Update - Pakhi's Crocodile Tears Made Dumb Virat Foolish; Puts Entire Blame On Sai; Pakhi To Instigate Ashwini Against Sai

At the start of today's Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyar Mein 6th July 2022 episode, we see that Virat and Sai both are seating in a room and Virat is calmly trying to peacify Sai and tries to justify whatever has happened.

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Hearing this, Sai becomes angry and tries to leave but Virat stops her and asks her to discuss this with him.

Sai does not want to discuss anything with Virat, as he does not want to understand anything and is supporting Pakhi.

Sai keeps on trying to explain to Virat, as he is a police offer and he should look at all the incidents that happened with her. Unfortunately, foolish Virat is unable to understand or even try to understand Sai.

Don't know how this Virat is an IPS officer???

On the other side, Geeta recognises Pakhi, as she was the one to come to her house and showed the fake documents and stopped her from coming to the hospital.

Geeta threatens to tell the truth to Sai, but clever Pakhi starts to cry (crocodile tears) and cooks up a fake story to get Geeta's support so that she does not tell anything to Sai.

Pakhi even falls on Geeta's feet crying (fake crying) and begs her to support her and not to reveal the truth.

Geeta is unable to trust Pakhi and questions her intentions and asks her, if she really wanted to help and support Sai, she should have told her the truth, she should not have done all these wrong things.

On the other side, an angry Sai snatches Virat's mobile phone from him and calls Geeta and goes to the same room where Pakhi has been kept.

An evil Pakhi again starts acting after seeing Sai and tries to be nice to her, but Sai who is super angry with her, questions her. Right at that time Virat also comes into the room.

Foolish Virat supports Pakhi and thanks her for helping them with the surrogacy procedure, this makes Sai even angrier at Virat and Pakhi.

Sai again tries to make Virat understand everything that has happened, from Pakhi already taking medicines to be ready for this surrogacy process even though she had said no to Pakhi.

Then Geeta was stopped from coming to the hospital and when she went to bring Geeta, she was attacked by goons and her purse and mobile phone were snatched.

Unfortunately for Sai, dumb Virat keeps on supporting Pakhi and instead puts blame on Sai for not understanding the good deeds of Pakhi for them. Evil Pakhi becomes happy from inside, seeing Virat supporting her.

Finally, Sai calls both Geeta and her husband inside that room and right at that time even Bhavani also enters the room.

Bhavani questions what both Geeta and her husband are doing there and again puts all the blame on Sai.

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At this Sai tells Bhavani to wait for the truth to come out and asks Geeta and her husband to tell the truth, if it was Pakhi who had come to their house with the fake documents.

Both Geeta and her husband stand still and think about how Pakhi told them her story to support Sai (a fake story) and both deny of seeing Pakhi earlier.

Pakhi who was tensed if Geeta will expose her becomes happy after getting support from her and her husband. Then both Geeta and her husband leave the hospital.

After this both Bhavani and Virat again support Pakhi and puts the entire blame on Sai for not understanding the good deeds of Pakhi for them.

Then Bhavani crosses her limits and taunts Sai that she never had a complete family in her entire life, this would have been the first time that her family would have been complete.

And instead of being thankful to Pakhi for helping her, she is blaming Pakhi.

This time Sai loses all her cool and becomes hyper-angry with Bhavani and shouts at her saying that, there is no smoke without fire.

Sai questions her why can't anyone of them see the truth, that Geeta was stopped from coming to the hospital by someone and then all the incidents that took place.

Bhavani keeps on supporting Pakhi and blames her for making so many enemies in the past that anyone might have done all this with her and reminds her about Jagtap.

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Bhavani shifts the entire blame on Jagtap and again blames her for spoiling everyone's life including Pakhi, as Jagtap is the one to kill Samrat.

While Pakhi is seen seating there with crocodile tears and thinks that, it's not Sai's past but Virat's past coz of which all these things happened.

As she is Virat's past and soon she would again become her present and future.

Episode Ends!

GHKKPM Upcoming Story - Pakhi To Instigate Ashwini Against Sai

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Pakhi tries to instigate Ashwini against Sai, as Ashwini is now taking good care of Pakhi.

Right at that time, Sai comes there and with an angry look goes near Pakhi and stands in front of her.

Seeing this Bhavani comes to Pakhi's recuse and questions Sai, why she is looking like that at Pakhi.

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