GHKKPM 5th July 2022 Written Update: Virat Betrays Sai's Trust; Sai Suspects Pakhi Behind The Conspiracy

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th July 2022 Written Update: Virat Betrays Sai's Trust; Sai Suspects Pakhi Behind The Conspiracy


GHKKPM Written Update - Virat Betrays Sai's Trust; Sai Suspects Pakhi Behind The Conspiracy; Pakhi Manipulates Geeta

At the start of today's Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyar Mein 5th July 2022 episode, Sai gets shocked by learning about Geeta and Yogesh’s reason to deny her. She clarifies all the allegations and informs them that they have been misinformed.

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Sai begs them to believe her and come to the hospital in order to become her surrogate, while Geeta shows her trust in Sai and convinces her husband to go along with her.

Geeta apologises to Sai and hugs her, meanwhile, they sit inside the autorickshaw while Virat calls Sai and shows his concern towards her.

Virat questions Sai's location, while she informs that she is going to the hospital along with Geeta and asks him to visit there.

Here, Sai happily notifies that Geeta is ready to become their surrogate, while Virat gets worried about Sai’s reaction after finding out the truth.

Virat tries to tell Sai about the dilemma he went through and apprises to her about Bhavani’s decision that Pakhi has become their surrogate.

But, Sai couldn’t able to hear it clearly and ask Virat to come to the hospital as soon as possible.

Sai reaches the reception area at the hospital along with Geeta and Yogesh. They meet Bhavani, while Bhavani scolds Sai for being late.

Sai tries to explain the situation and introduces her to Geeta. Bhavani insults Sai and then informs her that the procedure of surrogacy is already completed and they don’t need Geeta anymore.

Hearing this, Sai gets shocked along with Geeta. Virat also comes there and Sai questions him about what Bhavani is saying.

Virat informs that he was not in the right mind to make a decision as he didn’t want to waste their last hope of becoming parents.

Sai becomes furious at Virat. Bhavani tries to stop Sai, but she shows her anger towards Bhavani as well.

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Sai prohibits Bhavani from interfering in her and Virat’s personal matters. She asks her to stay out of their decision and fumes at Virat reminding him about their decision.

Sai says that her sample is already wasted as Pakhi became their surrogate.

Sai then informs them about how someone manipulated Geeta and Yogesh against the surrogacy procedure.

Bhavani denies believing Geeta while Sai gets suspicious about Pakhi. She remembers the urge of Pakhi to become their surrogate and inform about it to Virat.

Sai ask if Virat isn’t getting suspicious about Pakhi, while he looks confused.

At that time nurse brings Pakhi there, but Pakhi gets worried seeing Geeta and Pakhi asks the nurse to bring her inside. Pakhi gets worried and thinks about a plan to save herself.

Sai becomes angry after learning that Pakhi was preparing herself for the baby and tells about it to Virat. She pours her anger out on him, while they both get into an argument.

Virat shows his concern towards her injury, while she avoids him. Meanwhile, the doctor learns about the swapping of the surrogate and says that Bhavani and Pakhi will be responsible for any complications.

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Sai Fails to Stop Pakhi

Later, Pakhi thinks about a plan and calls Geeta. She asks Geeta to come inside the cabin and lies to her. Geeta gets inside Pakhi’s cabin and instantly recognises her to be the hospital staff who instigated them against Sai.

Geeta threatens Pakhi to reveal her truth in front of Chavans, while Pakhi tries to stop Geeta and requests her to hear her perspective and says that she can do anything after hearing her out.

Episode Ends!

GHKKPM Upcoming Story - Pakhi Manipulates Geeta

In the upcoming episode, Virat and Sai get into a heated argument regarding surrogacy. Virat asks Sai to accept the truth and questions why is she creating such a huge issue.

Virat reminds Sai about their dreams of having their baby and asks if her ego is greater than their dreams to which Sai gets even more furious at him and tells him that he has done a very big mistake.

Sai denies accepting Pakhi as their surrogate and then takes the phone from him and calls Geeta.

On the other hand, Pakhi begs Geeta to hide the truth and cries in front of her. Sai also comes inside the cabin and gets shocked.

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