GHKKPM 28th July 2022 Written Update: Pakhi Instigates Virat Against Sai; Virat Accuses Sai


Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 28th July 2022 Written Update: Pakhi Instigates Virat Against Sai; Virat Accuses Sai 


GHKKPM Written Update - Pakhi Instigates Virat Against Sai; Virat Accuses Sai; Ashwini's Prediction - Sai Is Also Pregnant

At the start of today's Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyar Mein 28th July 2022 episode, Virat tells Omkar that he loves Sai very much and will continue to love her forever but that does not mean he will also support her when she is wrong. 

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However, Shivani and others support Sai while Virat accuses Sai of creating unnecessary chaos in the house. 

Virat also asks Sai not to pressurise Pakhi into doing anything that she doesn't want. 

Sai tries to explain to Virat that she has not said anything wrong to Pakhi but Virat tells her to let the matter go. 

Virat offers to take Pakhi to her room while she successfully pretends to be ill. 

Afterwards, Sai takes her frustration out on the gas stove when Ashwini comes to console her. 

Meanwhile, Virat tells Pakhi that he trusts her completely and she can share anything she wants with him. 

Pakhi asks Virat to sit with her for a while and tries to instigate Virat against Sai by saying that Sai is trying to overpower her and would have done so if he wouldn’t come at the right time. 

Virat tells Pakhi that Sai is scared of losing her child which is making her do what she is doing.

Pakhi tells Virat that she understands that and that is why she is helping her but she also needs to have a very positive environment around her so that his child stays happy and safe. 

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Meanwhile, Ashwini tells Sai to not let the conflict with Pakhi come between her and Virat and to have patience for a few months. 

Pakhi overhears Sai asking Ashwini to get the paper signed and leaves in anger. 

Later, Ashwini tells Sai that today she will take lunch for Pakhi. 

Afterwards, Ashwini searches for Pakhi everywhere in the house. 

Meanwhile, Sai comes to Virat to explain herself but he is angry with her and favours Pakhi over Sai. 

Sai questions Virat for trusting Pakhi over her despite knowing she is carrying her child. 

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Virat tells Sai that she is treating Pakhi like a robot as he cannot find any reason for making Pakhi sign papers. 

Sai tells Virat adamantly that she will get the paper signed by Pakhi at any cost. 

Just then, Ashwini comes there and informs Sai and Virat that Pakhi is nowhere to be found and probably left the house. 

Episode Ends!

GHKKPM Upcoming Story - Ashwini's Prediction - Sai Is Also Pregnant

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Pulkit does Pakhi's check-up and assures that the baby is perfectly fine and is out of danger. 

Everyone feels happy learning about it, while Pakhi taunts Sai by saying that since she left torturing her, everything gets fine. 

Virat looks at Sai while Sai is about to leave from there but suddenly feels dizzy and was about to fall when Ashwini holds her. 

Everyone gets concerned, while Ashwini says that maybe Sai is also pregnant. 

Hearing this, Pulkit and Virat get elated, while Pakhi becomes shocked.

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