GHKKPM 15th July 2022 Written Update: Jagtap Gives Goons Shocking Information About Virat

Ghum Hai KisiKey Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th July 2022 Written Update: Jagtap Gives Goons Shocking Information About Virat


GHKKPM Written Update - Jagtap Gives Goons Shocking Information About Virat; Jagtap's Plan Backfires; Sai Gets Furious

At the start of today's Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyar Mein 15th July 2022 episode,  the doctor hides Pakhi behind the curtain when a phone bell is heard and a robber goes to get the phone and kills the doctor who was asking for help.

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The robber tells the hostages that if they dare to contact the police then they will kill them immediately.

Pakhi messages Virat and tells him that she and Bhavani are trapped inside the hospital. 

Meanwhile, the robber contacts Virat and demands that they need a helicopter within 3 hours or else he will start killing people one by one every 15 minutes. 

One of the hostages requests the robbers to let him go but the robbers hit him hard.

Sai tells the robber that as a doctor she needs to look after her patient.

The robber also tells Virat to send him the helicopter tracker link so that he can keep track of the helicopter. 

Virat tries to avoid giving the link to the robbers but hearing Sai’s voice Virat agrees to give the link and asks the robber to tell him where to send the link. 

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The robber orders Sai to give her email id to Virat which she tells very quietly.

Meanwhile, Pakhi texts Virat to find out about the situation and tells him that Bhavani and she are inside and scared. 

Just then, accidentally equipment falls on the floor with Pakhi’s hand and they are also caught by the robbers.

The robbers take away their phones while Jagtap recognises Bhavani and Pakhi and wonders why all the Chavan family is here. 

Virat asks DCP to do something quickly before the robbers figure out that Sai is his wife. 

The DCP tells Virat to keep the situation under control while they do everything to get the robber's demands in time. 

The DCP also instructs Virat to let no one die in the hospital on his watch. 

Meanwhile, a patient needs to use the restroom and her husband requests the robber to let her go. 

The robber threatens to kill the couple while Sai interferes and says to him that these hostages are his lifeline. 

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Heated Argument Between Sai And Virat

The robber finds Sai's talk reasonable and allows them to take Sai and the women to the restroom. 

Afterwards, Jagtap tells the robbers that Sai is Virat's wife and Bhavani and Pakhi are also Virat's family members.

Episode Ends!

GHKKPM Upcoming Story - Jagtap's Plan Backfires; Sai Gets Furious

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Jagtap advises the robber to put the gun at Virat’s family members, to fulfil his demand and requests him to let him go.

However, the robber gets enraged and throws Jagtap down after dragging him. 

Meanwhile, Pakhi and Bhavani along with Sai get shocked to see Jagtap in the hospital. 

Sai gets furious at Jagtap's presence while Jagtap gets scared.

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