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Anupama Upcoming Promo - Pakhi Embarrassed Vanraj And Confessed Her relationship with Adhik 


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In Anupama's upcoming story, Vanraj reaches Shah House in the middle of the function.

Anupama 4th July 2022 Written Update - Pakhi's Big Move Shook Everyone ; Vanraj Faces His Own Deeds
Kinjal's baby shower ceremony is still going on in Anupama Serial while Rakhi and Baa were doing drama together. Afterthat, Rakhi and Barkha unite against Anupama.

Barkha And Rakhi Join Hands Against Anupama; Vanraj Slaps Adhik

The biggest drama is going to happen now when Vanraj will become an eyewitness to Pakhi and Adhik's closeness. Pakhi and Adhik are getting closer to each other.

We all know this, Adhik is doing all this to humiliate the Shah family. Barkha wants Anuj to declare Adhik as the heir to his property instead of Anupama's children.

Adhika's game is in danger when Vanraj catchs him red handed and expose him antics in front of everyone.

According to Anupama's new spoiler, Paakhi gets furious after seeing all this and taunts her parents over their marriage.

Pakhi scolds Vanraj for slapping Adhik and says that she likes Adhik.

On which the whole family gets stunned and feels embarrassed.

Anuj also shouts at Vanraj after slapping Adhik.

But knowing the truth, what will happen to Anuj Anupama? Because they are related to both families.

Vanraj's anger is probably because Adhika Kapadia belongs to the family he hates.

Will the Shah family take a decision?

Will there be a war between Barkha and Vanraj again?

Stay with us to know. Thankyou !

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