Anupama 4th July 2022 Written Update - Pakhi's Big Move Shook Everyone ; Vanraj Faces His Own Deeds

Anupama 4th July 2022 Written Update - Pakhi's Big Move Shook Everyone ; Vanraj Faces His Own Deeds

In today's episode of the  Anupama serial, Anuj suggests that Barkha is his sister-in-law and can become Anupama's didi.

Barkha, Anupama, and Anuj dance together on 'Didi Tera Devar Deewana'.
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Adhik and Pakhi see each other protecting from others sight and suddenly Adhik comes and holds Pakhi's hand took her farthest away.

Anupama soon realizes that Pakhi is not visible and searches for Pakhi.

On the other hand, Adhik was looking for a space to talk pakhi, and by chance they went in Vanraj's room and both try to talk but cannot speak. Adhik wants to get closer to Pakhi and Pakhi also feels the same.

Anupama sees everything from outside and is unable to say anything in shock.

Adhik holds back while Pakhi gets closer to Adhik, hinting about her consent.

Anupama sees that Adhika is holding Pakhi's hand and is getting closer to her.

Vanraj reaches there before Anupama can say anything to both of them and says how dare he come close to his daughter?

Vanraj's voice echoes in the room which shakes Anupama.

Pakhi and Anupama stop Vanraj from shouting at Adhik while Vanraj remains adamant and blames everything on Anupama as he had warned her earlier that she should keep both the families away from each other.

Vanraj pulls Adhik by his collar and drags him to the main hall.

Everyone is shocked to see Vanraj doing this and Vanraj pushes Adhik and while Anuj catch him.

Vanraj angrily slaps Adhik.

Barkha shouts at Vanraj and Anuj-Ankush also shouts Vanraj's name loudly and asks what is the matter?

Vanraj replies that how dare more to touch his daughter?

Anuj asks Anupama what she knows and what this Vanraj wants to say. Whatever she says will be considered the truth.

Anupama doesn't say anything which makes everyone look higher while Anuj asks Pakhi what is the matter.

Vanraj says this is India and every father has the right to teach a lesson to the boy who also asks for his daughter's number.

Anuj says that Vanraj should know the truth before reaching any conclusion. Leela starts raving about why she didn't want to call the Kapadia family in the first place.

Kavya asks Adhik to speak the truth, Adhik says that Pakhi is just his friend and he only wanted to talk to her.
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Rakhi adds salt to the drama by saying that what kind of talk happens in a closed room.

Vanraj and Ankush start fighting and arguing which irritates Pakhi and she says that she went with Adhik with her consent.

Vanraj's eyes turn red and Toshu comes running towards Pakhi and says that she even knows what she is saying.

Pakhi asks everyone to stop and understand that a boy and a girl can be friends too.

Leela tries to explain that it is impossible to be friends with the opposite sex, while Pakhi says they are friends like Kavya was friends with Vanraj.

In the next episode of Anupama, Pakhi hesitantly tells everyone that they are friends and already talk to each other on the phone.

The Shah family is shocked and Vanraj looks at Pakhi in surprise.

Anupama wants to calm down to vanraj and matter will be handled by the elders later and also settle the matter.

Adhik is trying to convince Vanraj let them be friends as they both wants to talk.

Vanraj asks Anupama what decision has to be taken, Pakhi will never talk to Adhik anymore.

Just then Pakhi speaks loudly and says that she will talk to Adhik.

Everyone is stunned to hear Pakhi's statement while Pakhi tells Vanraj that he can no longer stop her from taking a decision for himself.

Paakhi goes and stands next to Adhik while everyone looks at her in shock.

What will be the final decision of Anupama and Anuj?

Will Vanraj be able to stop his daughter to meet the Kapadia family?

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