Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Barkha And Rakhi Join Hands Against Anupama; Vanraj Slaps Adhik

Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Barkha And Rakhi Join Hands Against Anupama; Vanraj Slaps Adhik


Anupama Today Episode - Barkha And Rakhi Join Hands Against Anupama; Vanraj Slaps Adhik; Anuj Gets Furious

At the beginning of today's Anupama 2nd July 2022 episode, Rakhi continues to instigate Barkha against Anupama by telling her that even though Barkha is the elder daughter-in-law, all the property belongs to Anupama.

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However, Barkha says to Rakhi that she is not the type to fight over property and knows that Anupama has a good heart.

Rakhi uses the Shah family as a tool and tells Barkha that the Shah family is a fraud who puts up a fa├žade of being a happy and cultural family.

Barkha refuses to believe in Rakhi when she tells her that Leela once threw Hasmukh out of the house in the past.

Rakhi continues to fill Barkha’s ear with negative things about Anupama by saying how she wants to conquer everything from both her ex and current husband.

Just then, Anupama comes there and tells Rakhi that she wants to have everything by herself and there is no lie in that.

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Anupama further says to Rakhi and Barkha that when she can have every bit and piece of her life and live life while balancing her duties, then she will gladly do so.

Afterwards, they resume the fun activities and the whole family decides to play a game called “the wheel of fate”.

Every family member gets a chit containing a number and is assigned a title such as “the person on whom the baby will pee the most and likewise”.

Kinjal rotates the wheel and all the people make fun of and compliment the person whose number comes under the pointer.

Anuj gets the “person with whom the baby will fall asleep quickly” while Anupama gets the most important, “the person whom the baby will love the most”.

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Seeing this, Kinjal tells everyone how she got the true care and love of a mother from Anupama because Rakhi was always busy working during her childhood.

However, Anupama praises Rakhi for her determination to work and raise her daughter alone.

Anupama further says that she understands what pain Rakhi would have suffered while leaving Kinjal behind as a working woman.

Rakhi gets emotional and shares a hug with Anupama but soon after returns to her old evil self.

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Later, Rakhi and Barkha join hands to stop Anupama from snatching everything from them.

Meanwhile, Anupama notices Barkha and Rakhi together and feels uneasy about it. 

Later, Anuj and Anupama gear up for a special dance performance.

Episode Ends!

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In the upcoming episode, we will see Anupama and Anuj dance to a song while Adhik takes Pakhi with him outside. 

Later, Vanraj drags Adhik inside the house and slaps him in front of everyone while Anuj questions Vanraj the reason for this.

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