Anupama 27th July 2022 Written Update: Anuj Warns Adhik-Barkha; Pakhi Insults Anupama


Anupama 27th July 2022 Written Update: Anuj Warns Adhik-Barkha; Pakhi Insults Anupama And Calls Her Kalank On Mother's Name


Anupama Today Episode - Anuj Warns Adhik-Barkha; Pakhi Insults Anupama And Calls Her Kalank On Mother's Name

At the beginning of today's Anupama 27th July 2022 episode, Anuj makes his intentions clear to everyone, that he doesn’t have a problem with the kids from the Shah family.

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However, he has a problem with Vanraj's uncalled anger. Now, he is worried about his daughter, Anu.

Anuj gets furious at Adhik as, because of his actions, everything escalated.

Barkha tries to defend Adhik, being a sister but Anuj asks her to stop covering up for him every time. 

Anuj gives a warning to Adhik and Barkha to not make any decisions about Anupama's children without consulting her.

Meanwhile, Vanraj gets emotional after hearing Pakhi's words and tries to make her understand.

Pakhi accuses Anupama of not loving her anymore after the arrival of her new daughter and expresses her distress with Vanraj.

Pakhi further says that all of Anupama's care and concern are just an act and not anything genuine.

On the other hand, Ankush tries to calm Anuj down and apologizes to him on the behalf of Adhik and Barkha.

Afterwards, Ankush gets into a heated argument with Barkha and gets furious at Adhik for wanting to use Anupama’s daughter, Pakhi.

However, Adhik says to Ankush that he genuinely likes Pakhi and there’s nothing wrong if it is benefiting them in some other way too.

Adhik asks Barkha to trust him while Ankush asks them to stop doing all this as Anuj gave them a last chance.

Anuj tries to comfort Anupama and shares some quality time with her.

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Meanwhile, Kavya feels dejected and feels that Vanraj always keeps her out of the family matter.

Kavya also takes a stand for Anupama and she explains to Vanraj how Anupama never misguided his children to disrespect their father.

While Vanraj always tries his level best to create differences between his children and Anupama.

Later, Anuj is sleeping with his little Anu while Vanraj is seen caressing Pakhi.

Meanwhile, Anupama calls Pakhi but Vanraj answers her call and tells her not to worry about Pakhi as he will handle his daughter.

Anupama feels that she is all alone now and in her imagination, she sees everyone leaving her side. 

Afterwards, Anupama, being in emotional turmoil, requests Anuj to not leave her as everyone else has left her alone.

And soon she can see Anuj disappearing and unable to take it and Anupama gets terrified and screams out.

Anupama wakes up and realizes how all his relationships splitting up was an unpleasant dream and explains the same to Anuj.

Anupama starts panicking but Anuj comforts her and tells her to think positive and dream about how all her family is with her and how happy she is with them.

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Then, Anuj tucks in Anupama and prays for her well-being and happiness.

The next morning, little Anu and Anupama are praying while Anuj admires both of them from behind.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Pakhi Insults Anupama And Calls Her Kalank On Mother's Name

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anupama along with little Anu visits the Shah house. 

However, Pakhi asks Anupama to leave the Shah house and insults Anupama by calling her stigma(Kalank) on a mother’s name. 

Hearing this, Anupama gets shocked.

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