Anupama 21st July 2022 Written Update: Anupama Gets Scolded; Adhik And Barkha Manipulate Pakhi


Anupama 21st July 2022 Written Update: Anupama Gets Scolded; Adhik And Barkha Manipulate Pakhi


Anupama Today Episode - Anupama Gets Scolded; Adhik And Barkha Manipulate Pakhi; Anupama Shocked To See Pakhi's Luxury Addiction

At the beginning of today's Anupama 21st July 2022 episode, Anupama and Anu ride in the rickshaw and admire the scenery.

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Anupama 22nd July 2022 Written Update

However, curious Anu starts questioning Anupama why Samar, Toshu, and Pakhi don't live with them as they are also her children.

Anupama smoothly handles the situation and tells little Anu the benefits of having two homes.

Meanwhile, at the Shah house, Samar and Kinjal get ready to leave for the doctor's appointment while Leela asks about Anupama.

Kinjal assures Leela saying that Anupama is directly coming to the clinic and leaves with Samar for the clinic.

Meanwhile, Anupama tells little Anu to hold the end of her pallu while she buys the water bottle from the seller.

At the same time, Samar and Kinjal get worried as Anupama is getting late for the appointment while the time for the doctor to leave is nearing.

Meanwhile, little Anu sees a man's item fallen on the ground and rushes to return it to him while Anupama rushes after her.

A motorbike rushes towards little Anu and Anupama screams in fear while the biker manages to pull the brakes on time.

At the clinic, Samar tells Kinjal to go in for her doctor's appointment and not wait as the doctor might leave without checking if the appointment time is over.

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Anupama 20th July 2022 Written Update

Meanwhile, the people on the road scold Anupama while little Anu says that it's not Anupama's fault along with apologizing for the trouble she caused.

Elsewhere, Adhik praises Barkha in front of Pakhi and gives her a gift and says that it's from Barkha.

At the market, little Anu reminds Anupama about Kinjal's appointment while Anupama realizes that she has lost her phone.

Just then, the seller from the shop comes there and returns the phone to Anupama as she dropped it near the shop in the hurry.

Later, Anupama reaches the clinic and feels guilty when she learns that Kinjal left after getting her checkup done.

On the other hand, Adhik manipulates Pakhi and convinces her to come to the Kapadia house to meet Barkha.

Meanwhile, at the Shah house, Leela, Vanraj, and others get angry when they learn that Anupama didn't reach the clinic for Kinjal's appointment.

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Just then, Anupama and little Anu reach the Shah house and Anupama starts apologising to Kinjal.

However, Leela and Vanraj start berating Anupama but little Anu interrupts and reveals the reason for them being late making the Shah family understand the situation.

However, Leela and Vanraj still look at little Anu and Anupama with bitterness in their eyes.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Adhik And Barkha Manipulate Pakhi; Anupama Shocked To See Pakhi's Luxury Addiction

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anupama takes little Anu to visit her mother. 

At Kantaben's house, little Anu plays around the house while Anupama finally vents her frustrations to her mother saying that she feels like she won't be able to fulfil all her responsibilities properly.

However, Kantaben reassures Anupama and pats her head in a comforting manner.

Meanwhile, Barkha gives new clothes and accessories to Pakhi and asks her to try them on and see how she feels in them.

Pakhi feels excited to wear branded clothes while Barkha praises Pakhi saying that she looks like she belongs in luxury and gushes telling her to eagerly come and live with them in the Kapadia house.

Just then, Anupama and little Anu enter the house and gets shocked to see Pakhi there.

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