Anupama 12th July 2022 Written Update: Maan Excited To Welcome Little Anu; Sara To Expose Barkha And Adhik

Anupama 12th July 2022 Written Update: Maan Excited To Welcome Little Anu; Sara To Expose Barkha And Adhik


Anupama Today Episode - Maan Excited To Welcome Little Anu; Sara To Expose Barkha And Adhik

At the beginning of today's Anupama 12th July 2022 episode, the glass mirror behind Anuj breaks which scares Anupama and she hugs him immediately.

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However, as Anupama touches his back, she notices blood on it after which she makes Anuj turn around to inspect.

Anuj's back is lodged with broken glass pieces in many places along with one piece stuck in his neck.

Anupama cries and removes the glass pieces one by one with trembling hands while Anuj tries to hide his pain and removes his jacket.

At the Shah house, Vanraj notices Kavya's angry behaviour and asks her to speak up after which she tries to explain to him that his anger can destroy everything.

Kavya gets emotional and tells Vanraj that he cannot stop Pakhi if she decides to go and live with Anupama as she is an adult now and tells him that she still cares about him.

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Afterwards, Kavya accidentally admits that she still loves Vanraj but stops herself from speaking further and leaves the room.

At Anupama's dance studio, Anupama gets hysterical while treating Anuj when he makes her promise to fight for herself if he is not there with her in the future.

Vanraj goes to Pakhi's room and sees her writing affirmations about her and Adhik continuing to be friends in her diary.

Vanraj apologizes to Pakhi and tells her that she can meet Adhik but only in the presence of either him or Anupama.

Elsewhere, Anuj gets a call from his friend from the orphanage who informs them that the paperwork is completed and they can take little Anu with them.

Meanwhile, Vanraj sees Kavya and Kinjal bonding and admires Kavya for taking care of his family members.

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On the other hand, Anuj informs Anupama that they can't be the legal parents of little Anu but only her foster parents as they haven't been married yet for two years.

Anupama asks Anuj when they can adopt Anu to which he replies that after five years since the child has to be in foster care for at least five years before they can be adopted legally.

Anupama tells Anuj that she is ready to take on this mission and Anuj hugs her happily after which they dance to express their happiness.

Vanraj makes coffee for Kavya to show his gratitude and reveals to her his doubts regarding Adhik, Ankush, and Barkha.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Sara To Expose Barkha And Adhik

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anuj stops Anupama from revealing to anyone about little Anu.

Meanwhile, Sara learns that Adhik wants to marry Pakhi to control Anupama and she decides to disclose the truth to Anupama and Anuj. 

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