Udaariyaan 25th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Lays a trap to bring Fateh closer to her

Udaariyaan 25th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Lays a trap to bring Fateh closer to her


At the start of today's episode, Jasmine recalls the words of Tejo and Sweety. She says Fateh doesn’t care about my child, let the mad Tejo do anything but Fateh will have to marry her.

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Jasmine looks at something with scissors in her hand. Fateh asks Tejo to sleep but Tejo says it is not night, I am not sleeping. Fateh says who said that you can sleep only at night.

Tejo says Billo and I used to sleep under the sky looking at the stars. Fateh says oh, you want to sleep while gazing at the stars.

On the other hand, an angry Jasmine cuts her shaadi's dress. While Lovely Taiji comes and knocks on the door and says to her that she brought fruits. Jasmine put the dress in the cupboard and opens the door and acts.

Lovely says I am sorry for you and Jasmine hugs her and thanks.

Jasmine says that she will spend her life anyway, but her baby… Lovely says that she will get married to Fateh only.

Fateh asks Tejo to count the stars on the terrace and puts her to sleep.

Tejo comes down from the terrace and calls Fateh. Satti makes parathas for Navraj and asks Tejo to eat them too. Navraj teases Tejo and asks her to tell him what has been made?

Everyone guesses the dish. Fateh comes and says Kadi. Tejo runs and hugs him and says that she likes Kadhi.

Jasmine comes and gets angry seeing Tejo with Fateh and leaves the house. On being asked, she says that she is going to the mall with Sweety. Satti also packs tiffin for her but she leaves in anger.

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Satti worries for Jasmine, while Rupi gets upset with Jasmine's childlike antics. Rupi says that she is doing this after seeing Fateh accompanying Tejo.

Satti says that she is afraid that Jasmine will do anything wrong in her stubbornness. Rupi says that this time she is with Jasmine, so she will not do anything wrong.

Tejo asks Satti for more curry and kisses her hand and says that she has learned that one should kiss the hands of those who give good food. Rupi tells Satti that one day Tejo will call her mother.

When Sweety comes home, Satti gives her tiffin for Jasmine. Fateh tells that he has spoken to a psychiatrist for Tejo and Rupi thanks him.

Sweety asks Jasmine why did she leave the house without eating, while Jasmine makes an excuse.

Jasmine says that the family members should worry about her, so she did not eat food and reveals her plan.

Meanwhile, Fateh tries to fly a kite with Tejo and Navraj. Fateh writes I love you on the kite, Tejo reads it. Fateh kisses Tejo's forehead.

Fateh sends Navraj to get the manja. Jasmine comes home and gets angry again seeing Tejo with Fateh. Navraj leaves after taking money from Satti.

Satti says that she knows why Jasmine is angry, she will make tea for him and also massage his head.

Jasmine sees the kite and tears it, rubs it with her leg and hides it under the carpet.

Now Jasmine is ready for her drama. She faints seeing Navraj coming. Navraj runs to her and shouts and calls everyone.

Rupi and Satti ask what happened to her. Fateh and Tejo also come down.

Fateh calls the doctor. Lovely tells Satti that everyone should take care of Jasmine, she is about to become a mother. Sweety comes to deliver her bag and tells them that she has not eaten anything since last night.

Satti says I gave her dinner and got an empty plate. She said that Jasmine has eaten food in the mall.

Sweety says she didn't eat anything, while Tejo calls her a liar. Fateh stops Tejo from saying so. Satti asks Jasmine why is she doing this.

Lovely show the trashed food and thinks Jasmine didn't eat anything. Jasmine looks at Sweety and then closes her eyes.

Bebe prays and cries. Jasmine thinks about her drama, as to how will Tejo keep her away from Fateh.

Episode Ends!

In the next episode of Udaariyan, 27 June 2022, Gurpreet is seen arguing with Rupi and Satti.

Fateh and Tejo are seen having fun somewhere outside the house. While Jasmine is ready with her new evil plan.

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