Udaariyaan New Promo: Gurpreet Brings Fateh's Marriage Proposal For Jasmine


Udaariyaan New Promo: Gurpreet Brings Fateh's Marriage Proposal For Jasmine


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

So far we have seen that Jasmine is pregnant with Amrik's child and blackmails the Virk family saying that she wants a father for her child or else she will abort the child.

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Jasmine uses Tanya to convince the Virk family of her and Fateh's marriage. Tanya suggests Gurpreet let Fateh marry Jasmine as Fateh will be the best father for Amrik's child.

Gurpreet gets shocked as Fateh loves Tejo however, Tanya pretending to be Tejo declares that her feelings have changed and now she doesn't want to be with Fateh anymore.

Gurpreet questions Fateh about Tejo's shocking suggestion which puts Fateh in a dilemma as he can't reveal that Tejo is no more and it is Tanya who has taken her place.

Meanwhile, Jasmine falls down the stairs and her child's life gets in danger.

Now, the latest promo of Udaariyaan has brought some really interesting twists to the story.

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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Gurpreet Brings Fateh's Marriage Proposal For Jasmine

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Gurpreet takes a big decision. 

Gurpreet will ask Fateh to marry Jasmine for the sake of Amrik's child but Fateh will refuse her.

However, Gurpreet will guilt-trip Fateh for failing to save Amrik and will manage to convince him to marry Jasmine.

Later, Gurpreet will go to the Sandhu house and will tell Jasmine that she has found a solution to her demand.

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Gurpreet will inform the whole family that she has a marriage proposal for Jasmine.

Jasmine will be waiting in anticipation while Gurpreet will tell them that she wants Jasmine to marry Fateh and make him the father of the child.

Hearing this, everybody will be shocked as they all know that Fateh and Tejo love each other.

Jasmine will be delighted by Gurpreet's marriage proposal but will control her feelings as she does not want anyone to know that all this is part of her plan.

Will Fateh marry Jasmine for the sake of his family or does he have something else on his mind?

What will Tanya do next now as her part in the plan is over?

The upcoming episodes are surely going to be super exciting, to know what happens next, please remember to follow us on our Facebook page.

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