Udaariyaan 7th June 2022 Written Update: Tanya And Tejo Come Face To Face; Jasmine's Abortion Drama


Udaariyaan 7th June 2022 Written Update: Tanya And Tejo Come Face To Face; Jasmine's Abortion Drama


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 7th June 2022 episode, Fateh drives back to his house while recalling the words of all the family members suggesting to marry Jasmine.

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Meanwhile, Rupy and Satti worry for Tejo (Tanya) when she comes there and informs them that she had gone to convince Fateh to agree to the marriage with Jasmine.

Jasmine sees them from the stairs and anticipates their decision while Rupy tells Tejo that he understands her.

In the end, Rupy places Tanya's hand on his head and makes her swear if she really wants Fateh to marry Jasmine and Tanya willingly agrees to their marriage. 

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Rupy and Satti get shocked to hear Tejo's words but regain their composure and tell Tejo (Tanya) to give Fateh some time to make his decision.

Later, Tanya counts the money and finds out that she still needs one lakh for her mother's treatment and worries.

Just then, Jasmine gives the money to her and says that she is giving her advance money due to her impressive acting skills.

Tanya questions Jasmine about breaking Fateh's heart while Jasmine lashes out at her.

However, upon realizing her mistake, Jasmine pretends to faint and requests Tanya to bring milk for her.

Elsewhere, Fateh sees a Fakir baba and goes to him while Tejo is seen playing Cat's cradle.

Tejo tells Kamal that she and Fateh are connected to one another just like the thread while Fateh tells Fakir baba that he is sure that his Tejo is alive.

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Tanya And Tejo Come Face To Face

At the Sandhu house, Tanya calls a man and informs him that she has arranged the money and demands to meet her mother.

The man informs Tanya that he has put her mother at Sharan Aashram in Barnala and calls the caretaker to inform her that Tanya will be coming there.

At Sharan Aashram, Maai picks up the call and informs them that Tanya's mother is in good condition while Tejo is seen playing around her.

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Elsewhere, Jasmine goes to the Virk house and returns Amrik's things and starts an emotional drama.

Meanwhile, Tanya goes to Sharan Aashram in disguise and she bumps into Tejo but doesn't see her face.

Episode Ends!

Jasmine's Abortion Drama

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Tejo is hiding while playing hide and seek and Tanya offers her water.

Later, Fateh calls Tanya and scolds her while Tanya informs him that Jasmine has reached the hospital. Fateh goes to the hospital and stops Jasmine.

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