Udaariyaan 6th June 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Udaariyaan 6th June 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 6th June 2022 episode, the Sandhu family gets shocked when Gurpreet tells them that she has brought Fateh's marriage proposal for Jasmine.

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Gurpreet further says that she wants Fateh to become Jasmine’s child’s father. 

Hearing this, Jasmine feels excited while Rupy questions Gurpreet whether she talked to Fateh about this. 

Rupy Refuses The Marriage Proposal

Gurpreet assures everyone that she will talk to Fateh, but Rupy refuses to accept the proposal without Fateh's consent.

Satti says that Tejo and Fateh love each other and asks Gurpreet why she wants to separate both of them.

Meanwhile, Fateh recalls Tanya and Gurpreet's words. Just then, a girl comes and asks him to buy her bangles.

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Fateh remembers holding Tejo's hand and wearing bangles to her while buying bangles for the same girl.

The girl asks Fateh about Tejo to which he replies that Tejo is no more, after that he goes to buy bangles for the girl.

In Barnala, Tejo builds a house out of the mud and says that when Fateh comes, she will stay with him in this house.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet informs everybody that she has already talked to Tejo and upon her suggestion, she brought this marriage proposal.

Everyone is shocked to hear this while Rupy questions Tanya if she is again sacrificing her happiness for others.

Tanya says that she doesn't want to marry Fateh anymore while Gurpreet tells them that she will convince Fateh to marry Jasmine.

However, Rupy remains unconvinced and says that Fateh and Tejo deserve to live the life they want.

Rupy says that they have to think about Jasmine's future but he doesn't want to force Fateh.

Rupy further says that he already tried to separate Tejo and Fateh and they all knew the consequence, he lost Tejo.

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Jasmine Pretends To Repent

Rupy declares that he doesn't want to repeat his past mistakes while Jasmine feels frustrated and thinks that she can’t even tell them that Tejo is no more.

Jasmine signals Tanya to stop Rupy. Tanya tells everyone that she and Fateh can never unite while Jasmine’s child needs a father and Fateh also has to move on in his life.

Seeing Rupy's indifference, Gurpreet requests Jasmine to accept the proposal so that her parents also agree.

However, Jasmine pretends to repent of her past mistakes and says that she does not want to force Fateh.

Jasmine further says that she will not agree to this marriage until Fateh agrees voluntarily and warns Gurpreet that if she does not find a father for her child, she will abort the child.

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Fateh And Tejo Are Heart Broken

Later, Fateh tells Gurpreet that he is in love with Tejo and cannot think of anyone else.

Gurpreet breaks down in tears and says that she does not want to lose Amrik's child while Tejo has already refused to marry him.

Fateh walks away and gets sad remembering Tejo. Fateh puts on his wedding clothes and starts crying seeing Tejo's photo.

In Barnala, Tejo sees a procession and runs towards it believing that Fateh has come to marry her.

Tejo is devastated when she learns that the groom is not Fateh, while her friends ask her if she remembers Fateh's face, to which she says that she only remembers Fateh's name.

Episode Ends!

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