Udaariyaan 4th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine slaps Tanya and warns her


Udaariyaan 4th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine slaps Tanya and warns her


Today's episode starts with Doctor telling Virk and Sandhu's families that both Jasmine and her baby are fine, but they have to keep her under observation.

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Hearing this, Gurpreet starts crying, right then the nurse tells them that only two people from the family can stay with the patient for the night.

Fateh gestures to Tanya and convinces Gurpreet to go home, as they will be with Jasmine.

Meanwhile, Satti visits Jasmine in the hospital room where Jasmine pretends to slap herself for falling and endangering the child's life.

Seeing this, Satti questions Jasmine, that if she cares so much for the child, then why does she want to abort the child? Jasmine tells her that she does not want to bring an orphan into the world.

Later, when Tanya is eating noodles outside the hospital, Fateh comes there and taunts her for eating food when Jasmine is in the hospital.

Tanya gets enraged by Fateh's action and replies that she is not Tejo and will not starve herself for Jasmine.

Fateh asks her if she thinks Jasmine is pretending and fooling all of them, Tanya recalls her deal with Jasmine.

Then, lying to Fateh, Tanya says that Jasmine is not acting and he should consider her suggestion to marry Jasmine so that all their problems can be solved.

Just then, Tanya gets a call from Satti who says that Jasmine wants to talk to her and Tanya leaves from there.

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Thereafter, Satti goes home and Tanya enters the hospital room and Jasmine questions her about the reactions of the Virk family.

Jasmine Slaps Tanya:-

Tanya recalls her conversation with Fateh and asks Jasmine if she had deliberately put the child in danger to convince the Virk family about her and Fateh's marriage.

Jasmine gets stunned by Tanya's question and starts to think about what should she answer now and then slaps Tanya and blames her for thinking so.

Tanya gets shocked after getting slapped, but she feels guilty for questioning Jasmine for putting her child in danger, just to get married.

Later at home, Gurpreet imagines talking to Amrik who suggests to her that Jasmine needs a life partner and Fateh could be that life partner.

Fateh's Marriage Proposal For Jasmine:-

The next day, Jasmine returns home from the hospital and her family happily welcomes her, but Jasmine reacts indifferently toward them.

Just then Gurpreet comes there and tells Jasmine that she has brought good news for her.

Everyone goes inside and then Gurpreet tells that she has brought Fateh's marriage proposal for Jasmine.

Episode Ends!

Will Fateh get married to Jasmine after falling into her trap?

Will real Tejo be able to return on time and save Fateh from becoming a victim of Jasmine's evil plan?

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