Udaariyaan 3rd June 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Udaariyaan 3rd June 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 3rd June 2022 episode, Jasmine tells Tanya that Fateh should be the father of her child. She says that she wants to give the love of the whole family to her child.

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Jasmine further tells her that Gurpreet sent special laddoos for her previous day and today she will send Panjiri. Jasmine says that she wants to enjoy all this love with them in the Virk house.

Tanya assures Jasmine that they will have no option but to take her back.

Jasmine tells Tanya that she can do whatever she wants but she has to do it today only.

Tanya's Shocking Suggestion

Meanwhile, Gurpreet is at the Gurdwara. She cries remembering Jasmine's words and asks God to show her the way.

Just then, Tanya comes there and meets Gurpreet. Gurpreet gives Tanya the Panjiri she prepared for Jasmine while Tanya thinks Jasmine was right.

Tanya asks what they think about Jasmine's condition. Gurpreet asks did Jasmine say anything to him to which Tanya replies that she didn't.

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Tanya says that they know that Jasmine is stubborn and has stopped at Fateh's behest however she overheard Jasmine talking to the doctor and the doctor told her that Jasmine can abort the baby for two months.

Tanya tells Gurpreet that one month has already passed. Gurpreet gets worried and requests Tanya to find a solution.

Tanya says she has a solution, she tells her that Fateh can be the best father for Jasmine's child.

On the other hand, Jasmine asks Biji where is Tejo to which Biji replies that she must have gone to college.

Afterwards, Satti asks Jasmine to go for a walk, to which Jasmine reacts angrily and wonders where Tanya has gone without informing her.

Gurpreet tells Tanya that she is right, she can marry Fateh and adopt Jasmine's child which shocks Tanya and she immediately refuses.

Tanya says that she is not talking about her and Fateh's marriage but Jasmine and Fateh's marriage. 

Hearing this, Gurpreet gets stunned and asks her why she is saying this. She further says that Fateh loves her (Tejo) and if all was well, they would have got married.

However, Tanya tells her that time changes everything including feelings and relationships.

Gurpreet asks Tanya if she doesn't want to be with Fateh anymore.

Tanya says that she cannot think of Fateh in the same way after the fire incident and tells her that they cannot be together.

Gurpreet tries to convince Tanya by saying that her wounds will heal with time but Tanya says it will take years, but Jasmine has only a few weeks left.

Meanwhile, Dilraj returns from school and tells Jasmine that he saw Tejo on his way to the Gurudwara. Jasmine gets surprised and wonders, when did Tanya, start going to the Gurdwara.

On the other hand, Tanya asks Gurpreet to think about Amrik and says that things can only get better with Fateh and Jasmine's marriage.

Tanya asks Gurpreet to think about what will happen if the man who marries Jasmine does not give love to her grandchild or give them their grandchild.

However, if Fateh marries Jasmine, he will give the father's love to the child and the child will also get every relation of Amrik.

Gurpreet says that Fateh is in love with Tejo and he will never marry Jasmine. Tanya requests Gurpreet to think about Amrik and his child. 

Meanwhile, Jasmine arrives at the Gurdwara and sees Tanya and Gurpreet talking and thinks that Tanya is doing her job.

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Gurpreet Questions Fateh

Later, Gurpreet tells Fateh that she met Tejo at the Gurdwara and says that Tejo told her to get him married to Jasmine in order to save Amrik's child. Hearing this, Fateh gets shocked.

Gurpreet asks Fateh what happened between him and Tejo and why did Tejo ask her to marry him to Jasmine and why Tejo and he can't get married.

Fateh wonders how to tell Gurpreet that Tejo has died and whom she thinks as Tejo is not Tejo.

Fateh says that Tejo is still in shock and hates him, but he doesn't know why she said that.

Fateh tells Gurpreet that Tejo has no right to decide his life. He tells Gurpreet that it is not possible for him to marry Jasmine and asks her not to talk to him further about this matter.

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Fateh Confronts Tanya

The next morning, Fateh confronts Tanya about suggesting Gurpreet, make him marry Jasmine.

Tanya says that she saw Gurpreet crying in the Gurdwara, so she suggested her this solution moreover if Tejo was in her place she would have also done the same thing. Fateh shouts at Tanya saying that she is not Tejo.

Tanya says that Fateh knows Tejo can never come back, Gurpreet wants Amik's child at any cost, Jasmine wants security for her child and no one can be a better father than him.

Then, she asks him what is the problem to which Fateh replies that he doesn't love Jasmine.

Tanya says that he used to love her and asks if he cannot love her again for the sake of his family. Tanya tells Fateh not to be selfish and think about his family.

Tanya Challenges Fateh

However, Fateh refuses to marry Jasmine and warns Tanya not to talk about this matter with his family again.

Tanya asks what will he do if she does. Seeing Tanya's behaviour, Fateh remembers Tejo for a moment. Fateh says whatever he will do will not be good for her.

Tanya says that she is not scared and challenges him to stop her if he can. Fateh and Tanya's argument continues.

Meanwhile, Jasmine thinks that Tanya should accompany her to Fateh's house, but she has gone jogging.

Jasmine thinks to call Tanya when suddenly she falls from the stairs and faints. The family gets shocked seeing this.

Rupy calls Tanya and informs her about Jasmine. Fateh and Tanya immediately rush to the hospital.

Tanya Doubts Jasmine's Intentions

At the hospital, Tanya goes inside the OT with Jasmine while Jasmine requests Tanya to save her child at any cost as it is the last resort for her to get Fateh.

Jasmine tells Tanya that she loves Fateh very much. Hearing this, Tanya realises that Jasmine only cares about Fateh and not the child. 

Tanya feels like Jasmine is using her for her own benefit and decides to keep an eye on Jasmine. 

Meanwhile, Virks learn about Jasmine’s falling from the stairs and rush to the hospital.

Fateh wonders what’s happening with his family and prays for Amrik’s child’s safety. 

Fateh wishes that Tejo could be with him at this time. 

Meanwhile, in Barnala, Tejo is dancing in the rain and says that even Fateh would get drenched in the rain as he also likes the rain. 

Then it starts raining and remembering Tejo, Fateh also gets drenched in rain and says that he misses Tejo very much.

Episode Ends!

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