Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Tortures Tejo And Plans To Defame Fateh

Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Tortures Tejo And Plans To Defame Fateh


Udaariyaan Written Update - Jasmine Tortures Tejo And Plans To Defame Fateh

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 episode, Jasmine sees that Fateh has fallen asleep in a sitting position and proceeds with her plan.

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Jasmine puts the blanket over Fateh and pretends to fall asleep on the floor beside him.

Fateh wakes up and gets confused seeing Jasmine sleeping on the floor beside him and wakes her up.

Fateh asks Jasmine why she was sleeping on the floor while Jasmine pretends to be nice and says that she came to check up on Tejo and saw him sleeping in the cold.

Fateh tells Jasmine to go to her room and sleep peacefully as it is not good for her and her baby to sleep on the cold floor.

Afterwards, Fateh stops Jasmine and tells her that he will take care of her and the child but not in the sense that she wants and says that he can't marry her.

The next morning, Tejo wakes up to see Fateh exercising and he informs her about an important football match that he will be playing.

However, Tejo throws a tantrum and demands to go with him to watch his match.

Just then, Jasmine comes there with roses and pretends to help Fateh in calming Tejo.

Moreover, Jasmine tells Fateh that she can bring Tejo to watch the match, and Fateh thanks her while ordering Tejo to listen to everything that Jasmine says.

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After that, Tejo goes to shower while Fateh also leaves to get ready for the match.

Jasmine decides to torture Tejo and locks the washroom door from the outside and dances to a song.

Tejo tries to get out but realizes that she is locked inside and shouts for anyone to open the door.

Satti and Rupy hear Tejo's scream and come to the room while Jasmine turns off the music and escapes through the window after unlocking Tejo.

Later, Jasmine enters the room and assures Rupy and Satti that she will watch over Tejo while she gets ready.

However, once her parents leave, Jasmine mocks Tejo by playing the same song and Tejo attacks her which makes Jasmine fearful.

Jasmine keeps running away from Tejo while shouting for her parents for help.

Later, Jasmine brings Tejo to the college where the football is going to be held and makes Tejo meet her work colleagues as a part of her plan.

Tejo's friends and colleagues are overjoyed to see Tejo but Tejo leaves without greeting him which surprises them.

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Afterwards, Fateh meets Tejo and Jasmine at their designated place and tells Jasmine to take care of Tejo.

Jasmine acts nice and tells Fateh to focus on his match as Tejo is her responsibility for the time being while thinking that she will make Tejo the laughing stock.

Jasmine signals one of the players from the opposite team to foul play while targeting Fateh.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Jasmine Causes Trouble For Fateh

In the upcoming episode, we will see that during the football match a player pushes Fateh and he falls down and gets injured.

Meanwhile, Jasmine provokes Tejo by saying that her Fateh got badly injured due to which Tejo beats the player who pushed Fateh.

Afterwards, Fateh gets criticized for ruining the college's reputation.

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