Udaariyaan 20th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Takes Advantage Of Tejo's Fear

Udaariyaan 20th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Takes Advantage Of Tejo's Fear


Udaariyaan Written Update - Jasmine Takes Advantage Of Tejo's Fear

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 20th June 2022 episode, Tejo tells Fateh to do her hair while the family looks on and smiles.

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Satti comes there and offers to do Tejo's hair but Tejo refuses while Jasmine gets a call from Gurpreet and goes to attend the call.

Gurpreet greets Jasmine and tells her to come to the temple and bring Fateh too.

Meanwhile, Fateh watches the tutorials on the phone and does Tejo's hair and Tejo jumps in happiness seeing her plaits.

Afterwards, Tejo gets scared not seeing Fateh while he presents himself and calms Tejo.

Fateh writes both their addresses on paper and turns them into a paper boat to give to Tejo.

Later, Jasmine informs Fateh that they have to go to the temple for the prayer but Fateh asks her to go with Abhiraj.

Then, Fateh informs the family to take care of Tejo as a child and keep harmful things away from her, especially fire.

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Meanwhile, Jasmine goes upstairs and snatches the paper boat from Tejo who demands it back from Jasmine.

However, Jasmine brings out a lighter and threatens to light the boat on fire.

Moreover, Jasmine covers Tejo's mouth to prevent her from shouting and threatens to light the whole room and her on fire.

Jasmine orders Tejo to go downstairs and tell everybody that she doesn't want to marry Fateh.

However, Tejo goes downstairs and hugs Fateh, while she keeps saying that Fateh is hers.

Trying to gain the family's sympathy, Jasmine sheds a few fake tears while Tejo throws a tantrum and destroys the kitchen.

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Fateh Warns Jasmine

Fateh quickly rushes to calm Tejo and takes her to the farm where they used to hang out and spend time with her.

Meanwhile, Jasmine goes to the temple and tells Gurpreet that Tejo would have hurt her with a knife if Fateh had not come on time.

Furthermore, Jasmine pretends to look helpless and reminds Gurpreet that she is doing everything for the child and is not ready to give birth to an orphan.

Episode Ends!

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story - Fakir Baba Predicts About Fatejo's Tragic Future

In the upcoming episode, we will see that a Fakir Baba comes to the Sandhu house while Tejo and Fateh sit in front of him and Fateh asks him if he will have a happy future with Tejo again.

Meanwhile, Satti asks the Fakir Baba if Tejo will ever be back to normal.

However, Fakir Baba sees Tejo and Fateh's hands and tells them not to expect too much.

The family gets worried when the Fakir Baba says that they will lead a difficult life in future.

Later, at night, Tejo gets scared as she feels that someone is following her and she shouts for Fateh's help. 

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