Udaariyaan 1st June 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Udaariyaan 1st June 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 1st June 2022 episode, Jasmine asks Tanya why she went to Barnala while Tanya recalls giving money to someone and asks how can she meet her to which the person says not now.

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Tanya tells Jasmine not to interfere in her personal matters.

Jasmine says that Tanya cannot keep her personal life a secret as she might need her help in future. Tanya says that she can handle her problems on her own as she has done now.

Jasmine becomes determined to discover Tanya's Barnala secret.

Meanwhile, Tejo wakes up startled after dreaming about the fire incident. She gets scared and shouts Fateh's name in panic. 

Billo comes there and consoles Tejo by saying that it is just a nightmare and helps her to lie down.

On the other hand, Fateh calls Jasmine and asks her if everything is fine there and also asks about Tanya.

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Jasmine Blackmails Fateh

Jasmine tells Fateh that she will take care of everything at home. She says that she thought he had called her because he was worried about her. Fateh tells her to take care of herself.

Jasmine warns Fateh that they don't have much time left to change her decision and disconnects the call.

Then, Jasmine sees a school admission advertisement in the newspaper. She calls that school and enrols her unborn child and names Fateh as the child's father.

Later, Lovely apologizes to Tanya for doubting her which leaves Jasmine shocked.

Lovely says that she wants to eat Parathas made by Tejo and says that she has pain in her hand.

Harman also asks Tejo to make parathas. Tanya gets worried as she doesn't know how to make it.

Tanya calls Jasmine for help, but Lovely says that she will help Tejo and asks Jasmine to have dry fruits.

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Lovely Finds Out Tanya's Truth

Tanya struggles to knead the dough for the paratha. Harman asks Lovely to get her phone and she goes to pick it up.

Jasmine goes to Tanya and makes fun of her. Jasmine offers to help Tanya but Tanya says she doesn't need her help.

Jasmine gets worried and asks how will she be able to make parathas like Tejo without her help.

Tanya thinks she knows how to solve this problem and she takes a burning stick and burns her hand.

Then, she cries out in pain while the family rushes to look after her. Rupy applies an ice cube to the burn and Satti takes Tanya to the room.

Jasmine gets shocked seeing Tanya's drama and says that Tanya looks like Tejo, but her actions are like Jasmine.

Lovely sees the state of the kitchen which confirms her suspicions that Tanya is an imposter and thinks it means Tejo is dead.

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Tejo Gets Scared Of Fire

Meanwhile, Tejo starts crying after seeing the fire. Everyone tries to console her.

Then they pour water over Tejo and say that there is no fire. Tejo shows her the burn injury while everyone hugs her.

Satti helps Tanya with her wound and gives her a red suit to wear. Tanya asks her to give her some other dress.

However, Satti says that this used to be her favourite outfit and asks her to wear it.

Later, Fateh comes to Sandhu's house. He greets Biji and says that Gurpreet had sent laddoos for Jasmine.

Fateh asks where is Jasmine to which Biji replies that she has gone out. Fateh wonders where she has gone.

Fateh Gets Upset

Just then, Tanya comes down wearing the red suit. Seeing Tanya, Fateh remembers gifting that dress to Tejo and imagines a romantic scenario with Tejo.

Tanya brings Fateh out of his imagination and back to reality. Fateh gets angry and yells at Tanya for wearing Tejo's outfit. Tanya says Satti gave it to her and asks why is he overreacting.

Fateh says that because he gifted Tejo this dress and she used to wear it only for him.

Fateh gets emotional and says that everything reminds him of Tejo including Tanya.

Episode Ended!

Jasmine Goes For Abortion

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Fateh is shocked to hear Jasmine telling the doctor that she wants to abort her child.

Meanwhile, Tanya searches for her lens when Satti comes to her and is shocked to see her.

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