Udaariyaan 18th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine's Masterplan To Separate Fateh And Tejo


Udaariyaan 18th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine's Masterplan To Separate Fateh And Tejo


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 18th June 2022 episode, Fateh says that this marriage cannot happen and asks why he should do this marriage when Tejo has returned. 

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Nimmo reminds Fateh that he is engaged to Jasmine and is giving people a chance to taunt him if he cancels the wedding now.

Jasmine decides to leave the anger and stay calm while Gurpreet tries to convince Fateh.

Jasmine asks Gurpreet to not force Fateh and tells them that they can talk about it later. 

Jasmine further says that they should understand how Fateh would feel seeing Tejo’s condition and asks them to let Fateh do what he feels is right. 

Hearing this, Satti hugs Jasmine while Rupy says that Jasmine is right. 

Rupy suggests postponing the wedding for 15 days so that they will get time to discuss and decide. He further says that he is happy with Tejo’s return, but he worries about Jasmine’s future too. 

Kushbeer agrees with Rupy and says that he doesn’t care about society, but they shouldn’t take any wrong decisions this time. 

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Satti asks Fateh to go home and rest while Rupy assures Fateh that he will handle Tejo if he can’t handle her, he will call him.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is confident that Gurpreet will do as she wants and will bring Fateh back into her life. 

Fateh Refuses To Marry Jasmine

Later, Gurpreet tries to convince Fateh that he shouldn’t back off from his responsibility and says that Tejo was there when he agreed to marry Jasmine. 

However, Fateh says that she wasn’t Tejo, but Tanya, so she refused to marry him. 

Fateh tells them that he didn’t know Tejo was alive when he agreed to marry Jasmine, but now he is aware of this. 

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Moreover, Fateh reminds Kushbeer that he told him that he won’t forget Tejo despite marrying Jasmine and asks everyone how he can marry Jasmine when he knows Tejo is alive. 

Kushbeer tells Fateh that he can understand him while Biji asks Fateh about his decision to take care of Jasmine’s child and says that Jasmine will abort her child if he doesn’t marry her. 

Gurpreet says to Fateh that Tejo’s like a child now and only a mother can handle a child and asks if Fateh can become her mother to which he says that he will become her mother if he has to bring his love back.

Meanwhile, Rupy tries to comfort Jasmine and says that he can understand her pain. 

Jasmine tells Rupy that on one side is her sister, who is not well and on the other side her child, whose dad died before her child's birth.

Jasmine says that if she asks Fateh to marry her now then everybody will think that she is selfish and doesn’t care about her sister and wants to take her place.

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Rupy assures Jasmine that Fateh won’t back off from his responsibility and will understand what important is.

Jasmine hugs Rupy and decides to continue doing emotional blackmail as it will get her Fateh.

On the other hand, Gurpreet tells Fateh that giving a father’s name to Amrik’s child is more important now and says that they all can handle Tejo and Fateh can handle her after his marriage to Jasmine.

However, Fateh says that he is responsible for Tejo’s condition and refuses to leave her side as she needs him the most now.

Later, Fateh calls Tanya but Jasmine disconnects the call and sends a message to Fateh from Tanya’s phone asking Fateh not to call her hereafter as her work is done and he got Tejo. 

Fateh reads the message and thinks that Tanya is scared to face the family.

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Jasmine's Masterplan To Separate Fatejo

The next morning, Tejo decides to make breakfast for Fateh and goes to the kitchen and takes potatoes and a knife to cut them.

Satti and other family members get worried to see Tejo holding a knife and try to take it from her hand which angers Tejo.

Meanwhile, Jasmine shows fake concern for Tejo and asks her to give the knife in order to further aggravate her.

Tejo gets furious and chases Jasmine with a knife while the family members protect Jasmine.

Jasmine thinks that she has to prove to everybody that Tejo's not only insane but also dangerous.

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Just then, Fateh arrives while Tejo hugs him and complains about others.

Fateh somehow manages to calm her down while Jasmine decides to do something to separate Fateh and Tejo.

Episode Ends!

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