Udaariyaan 15th June 2022 Written Update: Fateh Brings Tejo Home; Jasmine Stabs Tejo


Udaariyaan 15th June 2022 Written Update: Fateh Brings Tejo Home; Jasmine Stabs Tejo 


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 15th June 2022 episode, Tejo and Fateh reach the Sharan Aashram and everyone get shocked to see them together.

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The caretaker doubts Fateh and tells Heer (Tejo) to go inside and pack her bags so that she can talk to Fateh alone.

Meanwhile, Jasmine calls the Sharan Aashram to see if Tejo has gone there but no one picks up the call.

Then, Jasmine goes to her car where Tanya is lying unconscious inside and decides to get rid of her.

Meanwhile, the caretaker tells Fateh that she can't let him take Heer (Tejo) as she doesn't trust him.

Fateh shows her the pictures of his marriage with Tejo to prove that he's honest while the caretaker still hesitates and says that he doesn't know Tejo's mental instability and that she has lost all her memories.

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Meanwhile, Tejo sees a lit lamp and recalls the fire incident and starts panicking while Fateh and the caretaker hear Tejo's scream and rush to her.

The caretaker brings Tejo outside and makes her sit while the girls of the Ashram pour water over Tejo to calm her.

However, Tejo still doesn't calm down after which Fateh sits with her and hugs her in order to pacify her.

On the other hand, Jasmine ties up Tanya at a godown and says that she won't let anyone get in the way of her and Fateh, not even Tejo.

Fateh Brings Tejo Home

Fateh again requests the caretaker to let him take Tejo home and she reluctantly agrees with the condition that he only has one month to take care of Tejo.

The caretaker warns Fateh and orders him to bring Tejo back to them if he fails to take care of her properly and he agrees.

Afterwards, Fateh again tries to call Tanya but Jasmine declines the call as she possesses Tanya's phone.

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Later, Fateh brings Tejo to the Sandhu house where she starts getting flashbacks and falls unconscious.

Jasmine goes to the Sharan Aashram and gets worried learning that Fateh took Tejo with him.

Meanwhile, Fateh reveals to the Sandhu family that the one living with them was Tanya whom he and Jasmine had hired while the one with them today is the real Tejo.

Afterwards, Fateh tells them that they will have to keep Tejo away from fire and warns them against using the word sister in front of her.

Just then, Jasmine arrives at the Sandhu house and looks at Tejo with a knife in her hand.

Episode Ends!

Jasmine Stabs Tejo

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Jasmine fumes at the sight of Tejo and marches toward her with a knife while saying that no one can save her from her this time.

With a swift motion, Jasmine stabs Tejo in the stomach, rendering her unconscious while everyone is stunned.

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