Udaariyaan 14th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Kidnaps Tanya; Tejo Is Traumatised


Udaariyaan 14th June 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Kidnaps Tanya; Tejo Is Traumatised


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 14th June 2022 episode, Fateh gets surprised to see Tejo and looks at her happily while she touches his face to feel it.

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Meanwhile, Jasmine reaches the Sharan Aashram and goes inside while Tanya sees Jasmine and escapes from there to go search for Tejo and Fateh.

At the fair, Tejo gets happy to see Fateh and says that she wants to dance to portray her happiness and makes him dance with her.

Meanwhile, Jasmine goes inside the Sharan Aashram with fruits for the kids while she sees the residents looking for someone named Heer.

Then, Kamal tells the Caretaker that Heer might have gone to find her Fateh which makes Jasmine curious as she concludes that Tanya knows this Heer girl.

Afterwards, Jasmine checks the record book and gets shocked to learn that Heer is none other that her sister, Tejo.

At the fair, Tejo questions Fateh why is he addressing her as Tejo when her name is Heer which makes Fateh sad realizing that Tejo has lost her memories.

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Then, Fateh tries to persuade Tejo to return home with him saying that everyone in her family is waiting for her.

However, Tejo gets triggered after hearing the word sister and starts freaking out after which Fateh hugs her to comfort her.

Meanwhile, at the Sharan Aashram, Jasmine gives her number to the Caretaker and tells them to call her when Heer returns as she thinks that she knows Heer personally.

While leaving, Jasmine bumps into a medical kit which falls on the floor and steals a chloroform bottle before leaving.

Later, Tanya finds Tejo and Fateh eating sweets together at the fair and feels happy thinking that her work has been done.

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Jasmine Kidnaps Tanya

Just then, Jasmine comes there and questions Tanya about Tejo's whereabouts, not knowing that Tejo is already with Fateh.

Tanya distracts Jasmine as Fateh and Tejo leave the fair and go towards the Sharan Aashram.

At the fair, Tanya tells Jasmine that she never wanted Tejo to return, and that's why she gave her money to act as Tejo.

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Tanya further tells Jasmine that Fateh won't forgive her when he will find out that she is the reason behind Tejo's suffering.

Tanya is about to leave from there however, Jasmine makes Tanya unconscious and decides to hide her at a place from where she can never return.

Meanwhile, Fateh sends a message to Tanya that he is going home with Tejo and wants to talk to her later.

Episode Ends!

Tejo Is Traumatised

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Tejo gets a panic attack and starts to act frantically after noticing a burning lantern while Fateh gets shocked to see Tejo's condition.

Afterwards, Fateh hugs Tejo and tries to comfort her while the girls of the Ashram pour water over Fateh and Tejo to calm Tejo.

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