Udaariyaan 13th June 2022 Written Update: Fateh And Tejo's Emotional Reunion; Jasmine Learns That Tejo Is Alive


Udaariyaan 13th June 2022 Written Update: Fateh And Tejo's Emotional Reunion; Jasmine Learns That Tejo Is Alive


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 13th June 2022 episode, the Virk family and Sandhu family prepare for the engagement while Tanya is on her way to the Sharan Aashram.

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Meanwhile, at the Aashram, Swaran has come there to give them sweets while Pari also comes there.

The Caretaker tells Swaran about Heer's (Tejo) situation while Swaran recalls Fateh and blesses her saying that she will find her Fateh very soon.

Swaran also advises Pari to confess her feelings to the person she loves and make her one-sided love mutual.

Meanwhile, Fateh's hands shake during the engagement while Gurpreet reminds him that he has to take responsibility.

On the other hand, Billo informs Tejo that they have closed the main gates of the Aashram due to inspection while Tanya thinks to sneak inside.

Tejo informs Billo that a nice sister (Tanya) has promised to have her meet Fateh.

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Tanya Calls Fateh To Barnala

Meanwhile, Tanya overhears the police telling the Caretaker that mentally ill patients will have to be taken into proper facilities to get treated which concerns Tanya.

Tanya immediately calls Fateh and insists he come to Barnala for Tejo's sake.

However, Jasmine overhears Fateh's conversation and decides to reach Barnala before him to confront Tanya.

Meanwhile, Tejo manages to escape from the Aashram while Tanya waits for Fateh, unaware of Tejo's escape.

As soon as the police leaves, Tanya goes inside but hears the commotion that Heer (Tejo) has run away which makes her worried.

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Tanya Decides To Reunite Fateh And Tejo

Fateh And Tejo's Emotional Reunion

Meanwhile, Tejo reaches the village fair and roams around happily while Fateh's tire is punctured and he also reaches the same fair.

Tejo goes to an accessory shop while Fateh passes by her and feels her presence but doesn't get to see her face.

Afterwards, the shop owner demands money from Tejo for the accessories while she runs away and hides behind Fateh.

Fateh stops the shop owner from chasing after the girl and pays him the money after which he turns around and gets shocked to see Tejo.

Episode Ends!

Jasmine Learns That Tejo Is Alive

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Jasmine reaches the ashram and learns that Tejo is alive. Meanwhile, Fateh reunites with Tejo in an emotional reunion. 

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