Imlie 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Imlie written update today


Imlie 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Imlie written update today


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Imlie are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the beginning of today's Imlie 3rd June 2022 episode, Aryan wakes up in the middle of the night as Parrot Mirchi calls Amma to Imlie.

Imlie also gets disturbed and she starts talking in her sleep but Aryan puts her to sleep and decides to punish Mirchi.

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Jyoti Instigates Aryan Against Madhav

Aryan takes Mirchi out when suddenly Jyoti comes there and tells him about the sting operation of Imlie-Madhav and deliberately mentions that Imlie falls asleep in the middle of the operation.

Hearing this, Aryan says that he also tried to call Imlie that day, but she did not pick up his call.

Jyoti says surely Imlie will be in deep sleep as she did not hear the phone ring and thinks that now Aryan will start doubting Imlie.

The next morning, Aryan decides to take Imlie to the hospital to check for her sleep abnormality when Jyoti brings up the topic of the string operation.

Then, Aryan questions Imlie about the string operation while Imlie tells him that she does not remember much about that night as Madhav had brought some medicine for her and she fell into a deep sleep.

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Imlie Gives Cleaning Duty To Neela

Later, Imlie feeds Mirchi while Neela tells Narmada that Imlie should not sit on the ground as it is not good for the child.

Imlie tells Neela that Meethi used to do all the household chores during her pregnancy.

Neela says Meethi was a maid and she had to do this to earn money but Imlie is the Rathore family's daughter-in-law and tells her not to be so careless towards her child.

Imlie warns Neela not to utter a word against Meethi again while Narmada tries to calm down Imlie as anger is not good for her health.

Then, Neela talks about throwing the parrot out as it is making the house dirty so Imlie gives Neela the responsibility of cleaning the house, which angers Neela.

Meanwhile, Jyoti calls Aryan and asks him to question Madhav as he knew what happened during the sting operation.

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Imlie Warns Jyoti

Jyoti again tries to instigate Aryan against Madhav, but Aryan does not pay much interest but agrees to Jyoti's insistence.

Imlie overhears Jyoti's conversation and questions her why she is so interested to know about the sting operation.

Imlie warns Jyoti that she does not like anyone controlling her life and tells Jyoti not to interfere in her life.

Jyoti panics seeing Imlie's anger and gives the excuse that she and Aryan are worried about her health.

After this, Imlie calls Madhav and asks him not to reveal any detail about the sting operation to Aryan.

Imlie tells Madhav that Aryan will get worried and won't even let her out of the house if he comes to know that she got hurt during the operation.

Afterwards, Aryan comes to Madhav and asks him what medicine he gave to Imlie during the operation.

Madhav gets nervous and says that he forgot as he bought it from the chemist describing the symptoms.

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Neela Falls Into Her Own Trap

At the Rathore house, Neela throws water on the laptop while Imlie is working on it, taking revenge on her for making her clean the house but gets shocked after learning that it was Gudiya's laptop.

Imlie tells Neela that she fell into her own trap. 

Meanwhile, Jyoti goes to a chemist's shop and hears about sleeping pills.

Jyoti decides to provoke Aryan against Madhav by saying that Madhav gave sleeping pills to Imlie and steals the sleeping pills from there.

On the other hand, Neela slips on the water and falls while Gudiya gets angry with Neela for damaging her laptop and leaves from there without helping her.

Neela warns Imlie that she will not spare her as she has separated Gudiya from her.

Imlie warns Neela back that right now her top priority is her child and if anyone tries to harass her child, she will teach them a lesson.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Jyoti tells Aryan that she visited the chemist shop from which Madhav got medicine for Imlie and lies that from the CCTV footage there she found out that Madhav gave sleeping pills to Imlie.

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