Imlie 29th June 2022 Written Update: Jytoi's Masterplan To Kill Imlie; Aryan And Imlie Team Up To Expose Jyoti

Imlie 29th June 2022 Written Update: Jytoi's Masterplan To Kill Imlie; Aryan And Imlie Team Up To Expose Jyoti


Imlie Today Episode - Jytoi's Master Plan To Kill Imlie; Aryan And Imlie Team Up To Expose Jyoti

At the beginning of today's Imlie 29th June 2022 episode, Keri does the pooja in the Rathore house and says that she wanted to gift Aryan the truth on the occasion of his birthday.

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Keri prays to God to help her to expose Jyoti and prove that Aryan is the father of her unborn child.

Just then, Aryan passes by there and asks Keri about Imlie.

However, Keri says that she doesn't know and tries to flirt with Aryan to distract the conversation.

Surprisingly, Aryan goes along with Keri and keeps getting closer to her to hug her forcefully.

Keri gets flustered and angry while Aryan reveals to Keri that he knows that she is his wife Imlie.

Aryan apologizes to Imlie for not being able to recognize her sooner and asks her the reason behind the disguise.

Imlie honestly tells Aryan that she did it to expose Jyoti but is failing miserably without her partner's support.

Aryan agrees to support Imlie while Imlie tells Aryan her plan to expose Jyoti while wiring herself so that Aryan can hear the conversation between Keri and Jyoti.

Aryan hugs Keri while Neela sees them and gets shocked thinking that they are having an affair.

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Afterwards, Keri goes to talk to Jyoti and tries to talk to her about Imlie's death plan but Jyoti doesn't take her name.

Later, a parcel arrives for Imlie which turns out to be a cake that she ordered for Aryan, although Keri takes it saying that Imlie ordered her to do so.

Meanwhile, Harry tries to inform Jyoti about Imlie and Keri being the same person but fails as he's paralyzed.

Keri goes to a room and puts the cake on the table and also hides a camera there after which Jyoti comes there and sets up a trap.

Jyoti tests the trap by putting a watermelon in the target's place and the knife cuts it into two pieces.

Jyoti gets happy thinking that now when Imlie will pick up the box of the cake the knife hanging up there will stab her and she will be finished.

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Meanwhile, Imlie joins Aryan at the party while Aryan teases her saying that he was expecting Keri.

Afterwards, Imlie tells Aryan that everything is set while Jyoti comes there and asks Imlie what she is talking about.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Keri In Big Trouble

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Keri dances with Aryan happily and then suddenly she realises she lost her fake teeth. 

Keri tries to find her teeth while someone picks up the teeth. 

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