Imlie 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Imlie Loses Aryan's Trust

Imlie 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Imlie Loses Aryan's Trust


Imlie Today Episode - Imlie Loses Aryan's Trust; Jyoti Asks Keri To Kill Imlie

At the beginning of today's Imlie 23rd June 2022 episode, Imlie reveals to the family about Jyoti trying to harm her.

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However, Narmada informs them that Jyoti and Harry haven't left her room for the past few hours and Aryan and Imlie go to see it.

Imlie and Aryan get shocked to see Jyoti doing puja with folded hands while Harry asks them if they want to talk to Jyoti.

Imlie asks Harry asks how come he is here and she met him in the hospital.

After that, Aryan does not let Imlie talk further and tells her that she must be wrong.

However, Imlie remains adamant that Jyoti tried to kill her and Madhav.

Aryan ignores Imlie and leaves the room while Harry also fails to face Imlie and leaves.

Imlie confronts Jyoti and tells her to be very careful from now as she is going to throw her out of the Rathore family's lives.

Jyoti denies all the accusations while Imlie threatens to expose Jyoti.

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Later, Aryan confronts Imlie and accuses her of wrongly accusing Jyoti and misusing his trust.

However, Imlie tells Aryan that she feels upset as the Aryan she learned to love and trust has bent and changed.

Aryan tells Imlie that she is trying to blindly prove Madhav innocent while Imlie tries to explain her point of view to him.

However, Aryan misunderstands Imlie while Imlie says that she will fight by herself from now on and leaves.

Afterwards, Imlie cries and talks to the baby saying that she will save the whole family from Jyoti.

After some time, Neela gathers the family after seeing Keri (Imlie) wearing men's shoes.

However, Keri (Imlie) starts crying and makes up a sad emotional story about her dead father which makes the family members cry too.

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Meanwhile, Jyoti goes to Aryan with Prasad and tells him that he and Imlie will surely get their happiness as she has prayed for them.

Jyoti pretends to be nice and tells Aryan that Imlie might have had a misunderstanding in her naiveness.

However, Aryan says to Jyoti that he also thinks that he misunderstood Madhav as he saw how Madhav reacted to his mother.

Jyoti thinks that her plan is backfiring and tries to manipulate Aryan.

However, Aryan ignores her and says that he's going to confront Madhav face to face.

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Jyoti Asks Keri To Kill Imlie

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Jyoti asks Keri to cut Imlie into pieces with a knife. Hearing all this, Keri gets shocked.

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