Imlie 21st June 2022 Written Update: Neela Gets Beaten Up; Narmada And Arpita Catches Jyoti And Harry's Lie

Imlie 21st June 2022 Written Update: Neela Gets Beaten Up; Narmada And Arpita Catches Jyoti And Harry's Lie


Imlie Today Episode - Neela Gets Beaten Up; Narmada And Arpita Catches Jyoti And Harry's Lie

At the beginning of today's Imlie 21st June 2022 episode, Imlie calls Aryan while he scolds her that she could have at least messaged him that she’s taking Madhav to the hospital. 

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Imlie 22nd June 2022 Written Update

Aryan further reminds Imlie that it’s not good for her to take so much stress while being pregnant. 

While Imlie’s talking on call, Jyoti suddenly comes up from behind and hits her on the head making her unconscious. 

Meanwhile, Narmada asks Imlie to open the door however Neela says they can’t wait like that and barges into the room with Narmada and Gudiya and asks Imlie to get up. 

Arpita sleeps in place of Imlie and Sundar acts like Keri and gives leg massage to Arpita and doesn’t respond to Neela.

Narmada tells Neela that Imlie must be tired that’s why Keri is giving her a massage.

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Imlie 20th June 2022 Written Update

However, Neela sees Keri wearing men’s shoes and gets suspicious but Narmada convinces her to leave the room as Imlie is taking a rest. 

On the other hand, Jyoti sees Aryan looking for Imlie in the hospital and she and Harry hide the unconscious Imlie inside the morgue room.

However, Aryan notices Imlie’s slippers outside the morgue room and enters it while Jyoti and Harry try to hide from him. 

As Aryan notices a piece of Imlie’s clothing and holds it, Jyoti and Harry manage to sneak out of the room, while Imlie is locked in a morgue cabin.

Harry tells Jyoti that her game is over while she rebukes him and tells him to just do as she says.

Meanwhile, Imlie gains consciousness and she struggles to get out of the morgue while shouting out for Aryan and seeking his help. 

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At the Rathore house, Sundar gets concerned about Imlie. 

While he’s talking to Arpita about it they see someone’s shadow outside the room and consider it a thief who broke in with a blanket covering the entire body.

However, it turns out that the thief was actually Neela who just covered herself in a blanket because she was cold. 

Sundar and Arpita mercilessly beat Neela mistaking her to be the thief. 

Later, Aryan sees Madhav in the hospital room and wonders where Imlie could be. 

Aryan goes around the hospital, showing everyone Imlie’s photo and asking if anyone has seen her. 

Meanwhile, Jyoti and Harry return to the house and try to cover their absence by saying they were at a temple praying for Aryan and Imlie’s good future. 

Afterwards, Harry questions Jyoti’s actions but she shuts him up saying that whatever she is doing, she is doing it for her true love. 

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Jyoti gets happy thinking Imlie must have frozen to death by now and tells Harry to make a drink for her to celebrate. 

On the other hand, Narmada tells Arpita that they should also do Puja with Jyoti as she is worried for Aryan and Imlie while Arpita says what kind of Puja is Jyoti doing without making any noise.

They walk up to Jyoti and Harry’s room without making any noise to find out and are shocked to see them drinking. 

Episode Ends!

Imlie Upcoming Twist - Will Aryan Be Able To Save Imlie?

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Aryan searches for Imlie in the hospital, while the hospital staff brings Imlie on the stretcher but her body is covered with a white cloth from above.

Imlie's body has turned cold and is hard as stone after being kept in the morgue for a long time, however, Aryan's hand brushes with Imlie's hand and Imlie feels Aryan's presence around her but she is not in a state to speak.

At the same time, Aryan also feels Imlie's presence and turns to look around and notices the stretcher and the bangle that Imlie is wearing and runs after her.

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