Imlie 1st June 2022 Written Update: Imlie written update today


Imlie 1st June 2022 Written Update: Imlie written update today


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Imlie are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the beginning of today's Imlie 1st June 2022 episode, Imlie wakes at the hospital and tries to get out of the bed to meet Aryan but the nurse stops her saying that her husband is fine.

Just then, Aryan comes to Imlie's room and both of them hug each other.

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Imlie Gives The Good News

Aryan informs Imlie that she got a promotion and is now a Bhaskar Times Executive reporter. Hearing this, Imlie feels happy and says even he got a promotion. 

Imlie announces the news of her pregnancy to Aryan. She also tells him that Sundar and Arpita took her to 3-4 doctors who confirmed that she is pregnant.

Aryan feels ecstatic hearing the good news and emotionally hugs Imlie.

Afterwards, the nurse asks him to return to his room while Imlie also insists him to take a rest. Aryan assures Imlie that he is absolutely fine and then leaves.

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Aryan Learns About His Infertility

The doctor gives Aryan his reports and tells him that there is a problem with his fertility report, his sperm count is very low and hence he cannot become a father.

Aryan gets shocked to hear that and leaves the hospital with the report.

Meanwhile, Imlie introduces her family members to her unborn child by showing their pictures on her phone and saying that they will love the baby very much, especially Aryan.

On the other hand, Jyoti panics thinking that her plan against Imlie backfired as Imlie got pregnant and Aryan also knows this.

Just then, the doctor comes across her and reveals to her that there was a mixup in the lab regarding reports and gives her the correct report stating that Aryan is not infertile.

Jyoti gets happy thinking that now Aryan will never know that he can be a father as she will never give the correct report to him and he will doubt Imlie’s character.

At Rathore's house, Sundar and Arpita hide gifts from each other while Aryan asks them what they are doing.

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Aryan Throws Imlie Out

Meanwhile, Jyoti imagines Aryan getting mad at Imlie and kicking her out of the house. Aryan realises his mistake and confesses that his true love is Jyoti.

However, Aryan takes the gift from Arpita and gives it to Imlie while Imlie does the same with the gift from Sundar.

Jyoti wonders how Aryan can be so calm after learning about his infertility and is treating Imlie so nicely. She wonders why he is not suspecting Imlie.

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Afterwards, Jyoti reveals to Aryan that she knows about his infertility as the doctor informed her about it and tries to manipulate him against Imlie.

However, Aryan says that the report is false as previously also those doctors were wrong about Imlie’s pregnancy.

Aryan informs her that he conducted the test privately and the report will come by evening.

Hearing this, Jyoti gets irked and takes Aryan's phone with an excuse and finds out the name of the lab from which Aryan has gotten the fertility test done.

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Jyoti Swaps Aryan's Report

In the evening, Jyoti manages to change the reports but Aryan comes there and to save herself from getting caught red-handed, she eats Aryan's original reports.

Aryan reads the fake reports and gets shocked to know that he is infertile.

Later, Arpita and Narmada discuss Imlie's baby shower. Just then, Madhav comes there with the special laddoos from Pagdandiya for Imlie but Neela taunts him saying why he is getting involved in their family matter.

However, Imlie stands up for Madhav against Neela and jokes around with him while feeding him the laddoos. 

Episode Ends!

Jyoti Provokes Aryan

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Jyoti provokes Aryan against Madhav saying that she is getting negative vibes from Madhav. 

Aryan sees Imlie and Madhav feeding laddu to each other and walks towards them.

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