Imlie 10th June 2022 Written Update: Jyoti Attacks Madhav; Imlie Found A Big Clue


Imlie 10th June 2022 Written Update: Jyoti Attacks Madhav; Imlie Found A Big Clue


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Imlie are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the beginning of today's Imlie 10th June 2022 episode, Aryan says to Jyoti that he should have trusted Imlie as she trusted him even when he lied to her.

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Jyoti gets shocked to hear that and tells Aryan that Imlie spreads positivity so only positive things happen to her.

However, Aryan remembers all the struggles Imlie's been through and says that he will not spare Madhav.

Later, Harry apologizes to Jyoti while she taunts him saying that he is not a real man but Aryan is.

Harry asks Jyoti how pointing a gun at a pregnant woman and kids will make him a real man to which Jyoti says he couldn’t do this work and that proves him a failure.

Harry loses his calm and chokes Jyoti saying he will kill her to protect the world from her however Jyoti threatens him by showing Nargis’s photo and says that she will kill Nargis if he harms her.

Harry again feels helpless while Jyoti asks him to obey her.

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Jyoti Attacks Madhav

Later, Jyoti goes to Madhav's house with Harry while Imlie also goes to meet Madhav and feels guilty thinking that an innocent person was unnecessarily convicted.

Jyoti tries to bribe Madhav by giving him a cheque of 10 lakhs and tells him to accept fathering Imlie's child.

However, Madhav refuses to betray Aryan and Imlie after which Jyoti orders Harry to kill Madhav.

Harry starts beating up Madhav with brick when Imlie knocks on the door and requests Madhav to open the door.

Imlie gets surprised when she sees that the door is unlocked and goes inside to see Madhav unconscious with blood dripping from his head.

Jyoti and Harry manage to escape from the bathroom window while Imlie calls the ambulance and finds a half-torn cheque of ten lakh rupees from Madhav's hand.

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Later, the other half of the cheque flies inside the Rathore house which is stuck to Jyoti's heel as she enters.

Imlie comes back home and sits upset while Arpita tells everyone that Madhav got admitted to the hospital as someone attacked him, everyone feels bad for him.

However, Neela yells at Imlie and says that now the Rathore family will have to take another servant’s responsibility.

Just then, Aryan informs them that Madhav's medical expenses are being covered by Bhaskar times.

Hearing this, Imlie gets happy and hugs Aryan while thanking him for forgiving Madhav as well as realizing his mistake.

However, Aryan removes himself from the hug and tells Imlie that he hasn't forgiven Madhav and will make him confess his crime after he gets well.

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Imlie Found A Big Clue

They both get into an argument while Imlie tries to calm Aryan and asks him who is telling him all this about her and Madhav.

At the same time, Jyoti, who is listening to their conversation and feels tense thinking that Aryan will say her name.

However, Aryan again gets into an argument with Imlie saying that he is not a stupid man and tells her that she's just in denial due to the trauma.

Imlie tells Aryan that she will make him realize the truth after which they both go opposite ways.

Episode Ends!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Imlie finds the other half of the cheque that she found in Madhav’s hand at the Rathore house and concludes that the culprit is someone from the family only.

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