Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 1st June 2022 Written Update: GHKKPM written update


Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 1st June 2022 Written Update: GHKKPM written update


The upcoming episodes of StarPlus popular show Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the beginning of today's Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyar Mein 1st June 2022 episode, Jagtap's goons cut off Chavan Niwas' water supply and electricity.

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Jagtap sends a threatening video message to the Chavan family in which he informs the family about Sai's refusal to marry him and also declares that he will keep troubling them till she agrees to accept his proposal.

Everybody gets stunned seeing the video while Sai looks at Jagtap angrily.

Samrat takes Sai with him to the police station and informs Virat about Jagtap's threats.

After listening to Samrat and Sai, Virat loses his cool and decides to teach a lesson to Jagtap.

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Virat Punishes Jagtap

Virat reaches Jagtap's place and proclaims to punish Jagtap while looking at him angrily.

However, Jagtap remains unconcerned and mocks Virat saying that he asked Sai to come to him.

Virat gets furious at Jagtap for harassing his wife and troubling his family while Jagtap orders his goons to beat up Virat.

Further, Jagtap tells Virat that he cannot fight with them in police uniform, however, Virat is determined to avenge his family.

Virat takes off his uniform along with his cap and starts beating the goons.

Just then, a goon points a gun at Virat, but he confronts him fearlessly and thrashes everyone.

In the end, Virat confronts Jagtap who says that Virat will not be able to touch him.

However, Virat proves Jagtap wrong and beats him mercilessly while Jagtap cries in pain.

Afterwards, Virat ties Jagtap to his jeep with the help of a rope and makes him run behind the jeep.

Jagtap threatens to kill Virat and informs him that Sai's father did the same mistake.

Jagtap also warns Virat that he will not spare him for publicly insulting him, however, Virat remains unaffected.

Then, Jagtap reminds Virat how he killed Sai's father, which further angers Virat and he continues to punish him.

Later, Virat brings Jagtap to the Chavan Niwas and calls Sai outside.

Sai gets shocked to see Jagtap and remembers how her father also did the same thing to Jagtap and lost his life.

Jagtap proclaims to kill Virat while Sai gets worried and asks Virat to release Jagtap.

However, Virat refuses to release Jagtap saying that he deserves to be punished while Samrat also supports Virat's decision.

Meanwhile, Bhavani gets frustrated seeing all the drama. 

Virat starts beating Jagtap mercilessly but DIG Sir comes there and stops Virat.

Vitthal accuses Virat of taking advantage of his position to beat up his innocent son.

DIG Sir gets Jagtap released and asks Virat to apologize, however, Virat slaps Jagtap and jokingly says sorry to him.

Seeing this, Vitthal asks the DIG to arrest Virat for abusing his power, however, the DIG takes a stand for Virat and asks Vitthal to leave the place with his son.

Afterwards, DIG Sir takes Virat to the police station and advises him not to do anything that may cause trouble to his family and handle the situation wisely.

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Sai Vows To Take Revenge On Jagtap

Jagtap Imprisoned The Chavan Family

Meanwhile, Mansi's health deteriorates and Sai asks Samrat to take Mansi to the hospital as they cannot take care of her without electricity and a water supply at home.

Sai decides to accompany Samrat to the hospital but Bhavani blames Sai for all the problems and tells Patralekha to go.

Just then, Jagtap enters the house dressed up like a groom riding on a horse and announces to marry Sai now.

Jagtap and his goons stop Chavans from leaving the house while Patralekha warns Sai that she will be responsible if anything happens to Mansi.

Sai glares at Jagtap and asks him if he forgot how her husband trashed him earlier.

Episode Ends!

Virat Gets Arrested For Bribery

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Sunny takes Virat to Kamat, who offers them money, but Virat feels uncomfortable.

To help Sai pay the compensation money, Sunny encourages Virat to take it.

Just then, Inspector Kadam comes there with his team and tells Virat that Kamat has filed a bribery complaint against him.

Virat tries to justify himself and denies all charges but Kadam still gets him arrested. 

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