Anupama 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Anupama written update today


Anupama 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Anupama written update today


The upcoming episode of StarPlus popular show Anupama is going to be an emotional roller coaster.

At the beginning of today's Anupama 2nd June 2022 episode, Anu enjoys her time at the beach while Anuj sees himself in the little girl and gets anxious.

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Anuj Wish To Adopt Anu

Later, Anupama asks Anuj the reason for his concern.

Anuj shares the old wounds of his childhood trauma of being an orphan by looking at little Anu and wonders how difficult life must have been for little Anu.

Moreover, Anuj shares the need to have a family of his own just like Anupama.

Anuj professes to be the father of little Anu in order to relive his childhood. Hearing this, Anupama gets stunned.

Meanwhile, in Jamnagar, Kavya is busy on a video call with Anirudh and thanks him for throwing a late-night party.

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Vanraj Gets Distressed

Vanraj comes from behind and gets upset with Kavya. Vanraj tells Kavya to have some shame as she is talking with her ex-husband in front of him.

Kavya reminds Vanraj that he too used to happily talk and dance with Anupama. Vanraj says that Anupama's equation with him was different.

Kavya tells Vanraj that she does not want to argue with him and decides to move on in life while Vanraj feels distressed thinking about how much more he will have to suffer.

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Devika Advises Kavya

Later, Devika meets Kavya and tells her that she came to deliver Hasmuk’s medicine.

Devika tells Kavya that she overheard her and Vanraj's conversation.

Devika says to Kavya to think carefully before breaking her relationship with Vanraj and reminds Kavya of how she crossed every limit to be Vanraj's wife.

Devika advises Kavya that if she wants to move on then she should walk out of Vanraj’s life with dignity like Anupama.

She further says that it is okay to end the relationship but it is not right to ruin the relationship.

Kavya tells Devika that she wants a friend like her, but the drama doesn't end at Shah's house so she knows what she is doing.

Devika says that Kavya is free to do whatever she wants and tells her that she can come to her if she ever needs help.

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Anu's Special Day

Meanwhile, Anuj apologizes to Anupama for blurting out such a big thing without thinking.

Anuj tells Anupama that he feels that God has sent him to Mumbai to meet little Anu as she reminds him of his childhood. 

Anuj further says that he feels that little Anu can complete their family.

Just then, Anu calls them and gifts identical bracelets to both of them. Seeing this, Anupama gets emotional.

Later, Anu thanks Anupama and Anuj for making her day special and wishes to have parents like them. Hearing this, Anupama and Anuj stand shocked.

Kavya Helps Kinjal

Meanwhile, Kinjal suffers foot pain while Kavya helps Kinjal massage her feet.

Kinjal feels awkward and stops Kavya but Kavya insists as Kinjal is genuinely in pain and not doing anything to humiliate her as Kavya did with Anupama.

Later Kavya tells Kinjal that Anupama is a pure soul and she massaged her feet even though Kavya treated her so badly back in the day.

Kavya asks Kinjal as a woman to answer her honestly if what she is doing is wrong while Kinjal looks at her in shock.

Anupama Feels Confused

Meanwhile, Anupama feels conflicted by remembering Anuj's words when Devika calls her up and says that the Shah family is fine.

Anupama tells Devika that Anuj wants to adopt Anu. Devika tells Anupama to take her time before making any decision as children are a big responsibility.

Episode Ends!

Anupama And Barkha Goes For Shopping

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Barkha takes Anupama to the supermarket for grocery shopping and tries to berate her.

However, Anupama gives a befitting to Barkha when she asks her to start living a classy life.

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