Anupama 25th June 2022 Written Update: Anupama's Befitting Reply To Leela And Rakhi

Anupama 25th June 2022 Written Update: Anupama's Befitting Reply To Leela And Rakhi


Anupama Today Episode - Anupama's Befitting Reply To Leela And Rakhi; Leela To Cancel Kinjal's Baby Shower

At the beginning of today's Anupama 25th June 2022 episode, Anupama retaliates back at Rakhi for disrespecting Hasmukh, by getting her heels dirty with the mop Hasmukh was using. 

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Anupama says that it is fair to do this as Rakhi already knew that no shoes are allowed inside the house. 

Rakhi taunts Anupama that even after becoming so rich she has to mop the floor like this to which Anupama replies that she should learn to respect hard work.

Speaking of respect, Rakhi comments on how little respect Anupama’s in-laws gave to the Shah family at their housewarming party.  

Afterwards, Rakhi announces that tomorrow is Kinjal’s baby shower while Anupama says she could have at least consulted Leela as they also need to do the preparations. 

Anupama further says to Rakhi that she doesn’t seem to care about the Shah family’s convenience. 

Leela raises her voice at Rakhi saying that the function will happen only at their house and not Rakhi’s place but Rakhi demands that all of them come to her place for the baby shower. 

However, Kinjal asks Rakhi to not put so much effort into this as she won’t be coming to the baby shower. 

Moreover, Kinjal demands that if the function is to be held, it will be held at her in-laws' place only, and Rakhi unwillingly agrees but refuses to change the date. 

Leela and Rakhi get into a fight over this and they insult each other, Anupama has to intervene and asks both of them to compromise.

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Then, Rakhi taunts them by asking how will they organise the function if Vanraj doesn’t have a job or source of income. 

Rakhi further says that if the money falls short, they always have the helping hand of the Kapadia family, which makes Leela furious. 

Just then, Samar comes there and says that Vanraj is not jobless and is running the house while Rakhi asks Samar if he has turned Vanraj’s fan after Anupama.

Later, in order to infuriate Leela, Rakhi asks her that the Kapadias must also be coming tomorrow, to which Leela replies that only Anupama, GK and Anuj are invited from their family and no one else. 

Rakhi gives a sly smile and leaves the house while Hasmukh apologizes to Anuj for Leela’s behaviour. 

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Anupama confronts Leela about why she’s not inviting her in-laws to the baby shower to which Leela replies that her in-laws insulted Hasmukh so they do not deserve to be called.  

Anupama reminds Leela that she insulted Hasmukh in the past and asks her why her in-laws can't get a second chance when she can get a second chance.

However, Leela is still upset over the disrespect with which Anupama's in-laws treated the Shah family. 

Anupama and Leela argue and Anupama declares that she will fight for her own rights and the rights of her family. 

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Leela To Cancel Kinjal's Baby Shower

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Hasmukh video calls the Kapadia family to invite them over for Kinjal’s baby shower tomorrow.

Sara expresses her delight at this invitation while Barkha is not so happy however Ankush tells Hasmukh that they all will be happy to come to the function. 

Meanwhile, Leela calls Vanraj and Kavya to inform them about Kinjal's sudden baby shower.

Vanraj and Kavya are absolutely stunned to hear this news and wonder how can their family organise such a big function without their presence or consultation.

Leela agrees with them and wants Vanraj to actually be present at the ceremony and says that she doesn't care about holding the ceremony at an auspicious time.

Furthermore, Leela resolves that the ceremony will be held only when Vanraj is present and not in his absence. 

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