Anupama 21st June 2022 Written Update: Vanraj Blames Barkha For Kinjal's Mishap; Shah Family To Break Ties With Anupama

Anupama 21st June 2022 Written Update: Vanraj Blames Barkha For Kinjal's Mishap; Shah Family To Break Ties With Anupama


Anupama Today Episode - Vanraj Blames Barkha For Kinjal's Mishap

At the beginning of today's Anupama 21st June 2022 episode, Anupama dances along with Samar, Pakhi, Sara and Adhik.

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Anupama 22nd June 2022 Written Update

A full-on dance party continues as Anuj and Ankush arrive at the Kapadia house.

Anuj questions Anupama about partying without them to which Sara tells him that the party is for youngsters.

Anuj tells Sara that he will show them how to party and starts dancing with Ankush.

However, Anupama gets uncomfortable when she notices Pakhi and Adhik sharing eye locks with each other during the party.

Meanwhile, Vanraj feels concerned about Pakhi getting close to Adhik.

Leela tells Vanraj that Pakhi's age group is such that one must be worried.

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Anupama 20th June 2022 Written Update

Meanwhile, Anuj reminds Pakhi to take selfies for her social media posts while Vanraj sees Pakhi's post and shows it to Leela.

Later, everybody plays a game of "Guess The Picture" in which the women win against the men after Barkha guesses New York’s picture right.

Then, Anupama tells everyone to sleep and says that Anuj and Ankush should also take a rest as they have spent the whole day working in the office.

However, Anuj mimics Anupama's gesture saying that she must be tired too.

Everyone requests Anupama to let them continue the party for half an hour more while Barkha and Anuj cheer Anupama to dance.

Anupama hesitates but then dances to the romantic song "Nainowale Ne" along with Anuj.

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Meanwhile, at Shah House, Vanraj tells Hasmukh that he feels restless without his children while Hasmukh tries to comfort him.

Afterwards, Vanraj tells Hasmukh that he wants Kinjal to stay at Shah House after the baby is born as he is ready to take care of them.

However, Hasmukh tells Vanraj that it should be Kinjal’s decision only as Anupama is no longer in the Shah House.

Vanraj asks Hasmukh if a father can’t replace a mother but Hasmukh disagrees with Vanraj and says that just because his children are with Anupama, it doesn’t mean they will forget him.

On the other hand, Barkha accidentally pushes Kinjal due to which Kinjal falls on the floor on her stomach.

Kinjal holds her stomach and screams in pain while Anuj, Anupama and Samar hurriedly take Kinjal to a nearby hospital.

Meanwhile, Vanraj feels uneasy and tells Kavya that he feels like something terrible is going to happen.

Just then, Toshu comes downstairs in panic and informs Vanraj that Kinjal fell down and they hurriedly leave for the Kapadia house.

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Anuj Warns Barkha

Meanwhile, Anuj and Samar tell Kinjal not to worry as nothing will happen to her or the child while Anupama feels guilty for not taking care of Kinjal properly.

At the Kapadia house, Pakhi blames herself for coming to Anupama’s place against Vanraj's order.

While Ankush, Sara and Adhik try to pacify Barkha when she cries saying that Kinjal has fallen because of her.

Just then, Vanraj and the family reach there and Vanraj gets furious at Barkha when he learns that Kinjal fell due to Barkha's mistake.

Barkha tries to tell Vanraj that she didn't intentionally hurt Kinjal, but Vanraj angrily shouts at Barkha for not being careful around a pregnant woman.

Ankush comes to defend Barkha saying that it was an accident and both Vanraj and Ankush get into an intense argument.

Vanraj warns Ankush and Barkha to pray that Kinjal and her baby are safe or else he will not spare them.

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Just then, Anupama, and Samar arrive home along with Kinjal in a wheelchair.

Vanraj and Toshu ask them what happened while Anupama cries apologizing and Kinjal also cries without saying anything.

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Vanraj's Declaration; Shah Family To Break Ties With Anupama

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Vanraj declares that his children will never come to Anupama's palace to meet her while Anupama gets shocked to hear this.

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