Anupama 20th June 2022 Written Update: Kinjal Falls Flat On Her Stomach

Anupama 20th June 2022 Written Update: Kinjal Falls Flat On Her Stomach


Anupama Today Episode - Anuapam Defends Her Choice To Work

At the beginning of today's Anupama 20th June 2022 episode, Sara asks Anupama if she can join her dance academy. 

Then, Adhik reminds Sara that they have to go to Patel Uncle’s place for dinner and Sara extends the invite to Anupama as well. 

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Anupama tells Sara that she is busy today so she won’t be able to come. 

Barkha says to Anupama that now that she is Anuj Kapadia's wife, so she should improve her standards. 

Moreover, Barkha questions Anupama about how much money she can earn from this little academy. 

However, Anupama says to Barkha that she wants to be an ordinary woman even if that means she’ll earn less money. 

Anupama defends her choice and says that she wants to stand on her feet and build her own identity. 

Meanwhile, Hasmukh brings tea for Vanraj and asks if he is worried about work. 

Vanraj asks Hasmukh how long will he keep looking for a job and asks what is he doing wrong. 

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Hasmukh tells Vanraj that he just needs to keep trying hard. 

Just then, Samar comes and informs them that he is going to the dance academy. 

Later, Vanraj comes to the dance academy to give the water bottle to Samar which he forgot to bring with him.

Vanraj tells Samar that he doesn’t think Anupama will come to the academy as she is married to a rich guy and asks if he could work there. 

Just then, Anupama comes there and gets surprised to see Vanraj there while Samar makes some excuse and both of them get to work. 

Meanwhile, Adhik tells Barkha that she should start going to the office. 

However, Barkha tells Adhik that she wants to let Ankush try first and if he fails Adhik will take over that role. 

Barkha asks Adhik to get closer to Anuj like Anupama’s kids are to him.

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Just then, GK enters the room while they’re talking. Barkha gets irritated and tells him not to enter the room with such a surprise. 

Later, Anupama comes to the Shah house with Sara while Pakhi excitedly welcomes her. 

Pakhi says that she didn’t expect Sara to come to their small house which makes everyone upset but they stay silent. 

Pakhi asks Sara what she’d like to drink and lies to her that their maid is on leave today however Leela reveals the truth. 

Afterwards, Sara invites everyone to the Kapadia house so that they could mingle. 

Hearing this, Pakhi gets excited to go there and Anupama also extends the invitation. 

However, Vanraj says that they came there just yesterday so why should they come again. 

Vanraj tells Anupama about Pakhi’s sudden change in behaviour after she saw her new house and refuses to go there. 

When Barkha and Adhik return back home from a party, Sara, Anupama, Pakhi, Kinjal and Samar surprise them at the house. 

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Afterwards, Sara tells Adhik to go back to his room if he doesn’t want to be there but Adhik looks at Pakhi and says he wants to stay with them. 

Later, Anupama notices the exchange of looks between Adhik and Pakhi and gets concerned. 

Episode Ends!

Anupama Future Story - Kinjal Falls Flat On Her Stomach

In the upcoming episode, we will see Anupama and Anuj dance in the hall romantically with each other. 

Meanwhile, Kinjal finishes her drink and gets up from her seat and starts walking.

However, someone bumps into Kinjal from the back which makes her fall on her stomach. 

Kinjal, who is pregnant, screams out in pain while seeing this, Anupama stops dancing and screams out Kinjal’s name in shock.

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