Anupama 1st June 2022 Written Update: Anupama written update today


Anupama 1st June 2022 Written Update: Anupama written update today


The upcoming episode of StarPlus popular show Anupama is going to be an emotional roller coaster.

At the beginning of today's Anupama 1st June 2022 episode, Anu asks Anupama and Anuj to pray for her so that God sends her parents.

Afterwards, Abhay comes there while Anuj introduces Anupama to Abhay, the owner of the orphanage.

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Toshu Praises Samar

Meanwhile, Toshu sees Samar teaching the dance class and asks him to teach him to dance too. 

Afterwards, Toshu praises Samar for effortlessly taking care of the family while managing his career and their mother's dance class altogether. 

Toshu gets teary and hugs Samar saying that he is proud of him. 

Further, Toshu tells Samar that they used to call him a loser but actually he is a winner.

Meanwhile, Anu expresses her wish to visit the beach and Anupama and Anuj promise Anu to take her to the beach.

Meanwhile, Toshu asks Samar if he can use his laptop to find a job as they have to take responsibility to run the house now.

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Samar Calls Vanraj - Papa

Samar agrees and says that they have to take care of their house, family and their father. Hearing this, Toshu looks at Samar with surprise while Samar realizes that he accidentally called Vanraj - Papa.

Samar tries to deny his love for Vanraj by saying that Mr Shah seems emotionally upset nowadays and they all live in the same house so they should also take care of him and hurriedly leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Vanraj overhears Samar's words while Toshu congratulates Vanraj saying that Samar is returning to him. Toshu also assures Vanraj that both of his sons are there to support him. Hearing this, Vanraj feels proud.

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Maan Supports Normalisation Of Adoption

On the other hand, Anuj feels enraged with the people who leave their daughters at the doorstep of an orphanage as girls are the precious blessings of life.

Anuj feels thankful for orphanages as he was also supported by one of them.

Later, Abhay tells them about how Anu has big dreams in her eyes while Anupama says that the world is a ruthless place and needs the care of parents.

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Meanwhile, Kinjal talks to her unborn baby and tries to swing the soft toy nearby like a child. Suddenly Kinjal loses her balance and falls while Toshu stands shocked.

On the other hand, Anuj talks about how a little child needs the love of a family to prosper and adoption helps a needy child.

Anupama talks about how people are hypocrites as they spend lots of money to have their own children but never visit an orphanage.

Later, Anuj and Anupama support the normalisation of adoption.

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Toshu Gets Worried For Kinjal

Meanwhile, Kinjal gets saved as she fell on the bed as well as the giant teddy bear cushions her fall but she gets scared for her while Toshu tries to calm her down.

Anuj gives the donation to the orphanage and asks for Abhay's permission to take Anu to the beach.

Abhay tells them that it is against the rules of the orphanage to allow an outsider to take the children out but he gives Anuj and Anupama permission to take Anu to visit the beach with them since they are good people.

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Mann's Bond With Little Anu Gets Stronger

Later, Anu, Anupama and Anuj spend quality time together at the beach.

Anu excitedly writes her name on the sand but gets upset when it gets erased by the waves.

Anupama cheers Anu by telling her to never lose hope. Afterwards, Anuj takes Anu and Anupama for the lunch.

Episode Ends!

Anupama And Barkha Goes For Shopping

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Barkha takes Anupama to the supermarket for grocery shopping and tries to berate her.

However, Anupama gives a befitting to Barkha when she asks her to start living a classy life.

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