Anupama 15th June 2022 Written Update: Ankush And Vanraj Taunt Each Other; Shahs Walks Away Without Eating


Anupama 15th June 2022 Written Update: Ankush And Vanraj Taunt Each Other; Shahs Walks Away Without Eating


The upcoming episode of StarPlus popular show Anupama is going to be an emotional roller coaster.

At the beginning of today's Anupama 15th June 2022 episode, after the completion of the Griha Pravesh ritual, Anupama says that she will frame the paper later.

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Meanwhile, Barkha and Anuj bring a gift for the new house. Barkha brings a nameplate of 'The Kapadias' while Anuj brings a nameplate of 'Anupama Sadan'.

Anupama thanks Anuj for thinking about her and also thanks Barkha for thinking about the family. 

Leela asks Anupama whose nameplate she is going to keep to which Anupama says she will keep both the nameplate as there is no rule to keep one only. 

After that, Anupama says that they should start the party while Barkha gets irked to see Anupama's nameplate.

Later, Anupama talks to Hasmukh and shares her fear about adjusting to a high-class house and family while saying that she belongs to a middle-class family and is habituated to a similar lifestyle.

Hasmukh says he is happy that Anupama got equality and love in her new life and assures her that she will be able to adjust and asks her to attend to her other guests.

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Ankush And Vanraj Taunt Each Other

Meanwhile, Vanraj bumps into Ankush while Anukush asks Vanraj to have a drink with him. 

Ankush tells Vanraj that he has seen many couples in America who maintain friendly relations after divorce but in India, he is seeing this for the first time with Anupama and Vanraj.

Vanraj tells Ankush that couples can be separated but the parents cannot.

Afterwards, Ankush taunts Vanraj saying that because of Anupama he was able to befriend the Kapadia family. He also says that Vanraj chose to prioritize his needs over his ego.

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Vanraj also taunts Ankush saying that it would have not been easy for him to leave America and come to India because of his needs.

Vanraj further says that Ankush had to be reunited with the family after so many years not because of family love but to meet his basic needs.

Vanraj asks Ankush to take care of himself instead of worrying about him as Ankush chose to prioritize his needs over his self-respect.

Anuj and Anupama notice Vanraj and Ankush together and find their meeting fishy. 

Meanwhile, Pakhi says to Sara, Toshu, Samar and Kinjal that she liked the house and she feels like they all should shift here. 

Sara likes Pakhi's idea while Adhik says to Pakhi that she should definitely shift to the place.

Leela notices the children's interaction and tells Vanraj that she agrees with him that they should maintain their distance from the Kapadia family.

Meanwhile, Hasmukh gets an acidic stomach and decides to drink some soda which makes him burp out loud.

One of the Barkha's guests feels offended by Hasmukh burping in the crowd and insults him in front of everyone.

Seeing this, Vanraj gets angry and tells the rude guest to show some etiquette while talking with elder people.

Barkha loses her cool and starts arguing with Vanraj while Ankush comes to defend Barkha.

Just then, Anupama and Anuj arrive there and ask about what happened.

Ankush tells Vanraj that he should control his tongue while Vanraj replies he will not bear any misbehaviour with his father and cannot control his hands as well.

Ankush asks Vanraj whether he is threatening him while Vanraj says he is a man of his words and will do what he just said.

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Barkha Insults The Shahs

Anupama Loses Her Cool

Barkha asks Hasmukh to apologize to her guest while the guest again starts insulting Hasmukh.

Anupama interrupts the guest and warns her that she will not tolerate any insult about her father while saying that the same thing can happen to anyone at old age.

Anupama further says that old age cannot be skipped by the power of money and everyone will also go through it one day.

Meanwhile, Pakhi feels embarrassed about Anupama giving lectures to everyone and gets upset.

Anuj agrees with Anupama and Barkha seems stunned as Anupama asks Barkha's guest to apologize to Hasmukh.

However, Mrs Mehta (Barkha's Guest) refrains from apologizing but Anuj continues to ask her for an apology.

Episode Ends!

Shah Family Walks Away Without Eating

In the upcoming episode, we will see that the Shah family leaves the party without eating while Anupama gets disheartened and tells Anuj that her family left without eating because of the insult at her place.

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