Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th May 2022 Written Update: YHC written update today


Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th May 2022 Written Update: YHC written update today


The upcoming episodes of the StarPlus popular show Yeh Hai Chahatein are all set for an intense drama and interesting twists.

At the beginning of today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th May 2022 episode, Preesha calls Gopal home and tells him everything about Revati.

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While Gopal tells her that he already suspected Revati. He also informs Preesha that at the hospital, Revati was trying to instigate Sharda against Vasudha saying that Vasudha brought the poisonous snake to harm Sharda.

Furthermore, he saw Revati trying to hide something in Saaransh's room prior to the ceremony.

Even Vasudha told him that Revati asked her to put Sharda's phone on charge.

They decide to find proof against Revati and visit Tarun's house.

Tarun Reveals The Truth About Revati

Preesha informs Tarun that Ruhi consumed drugs to save Saaransh and compels him to tell the truth.

Tarun admits that Revati threatened him to testify against Saaransh.

Meanwhile, Revati calls the police to the hospital and tells Rudra that it's a drug case and they have to arrest Saaransh because Ruhi found the drugs in his room.

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Preesha Spoils Revati's Plan

Just then, the doctor comes there and reveals that Ruhi didn’t consume drugs but chalk powder. He recalls how Preesha begged him to lie in order to save her family.

Meanwhile, Revati looks at Preesha and realises that she knows about the truth, however, remains unfazed thinking that she already planned something big for the wedding.

Afterwards, Rudra decides to cancel the wedding however, Ruhi wakes up and asks her parents to get married for her sake.

The Khurana family decide that wedding will take place the next day.

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Preesha And Gopal Save The Khurana Family

Meanwhile, Preesha asks Gopal to keep an eye on Revati. Later, Preesha tries to tell Rudra about Revati but fails to do so as Ruhi wakes up.

The next day, Gopal informs Preesha that he installed a spy app on Revati's phone while Revati bribes the caterer to mix the poison in the Kheer.

Later, Revati serves that Kheer to everyone, however, refuses to eat it herself saying that she is diabetic as well as allergic to milk.

Afterwards, Revati gets confused when no one seems to show any kind of reaction upon consuming the Kheer.

Meanwhile, Preesha smiles recalling how she and Gopal caught the caterer red-handed mixing the poison in the Kheer.

Episode Ends!

Revati Challenges Preesha

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Preesha confronts Revati and tells her that she knows her truth. However, Revati remains unfazed and challenges Preesha to save her family if she can.

During the wedding, everybody faints because of smoke while seeing this, Preesha gets shocked.

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