Udaariyaan Upcoming Promo: Tanya Is Tejo; Fateh Gets Beaten Up; Tejo Accuses Fateh


Udaariyaan Upcoming Promo: Tanya Is Tejo; Fateh Gets Beaten Up; Tejo Accuses Fateh


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

As we have seen so far, Fateh gets shocked to see Tejo's lookalike Tanya in London.

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Fateh confronts Tanya and questions her about hiding her identity.

However, Tanya refuses to recognise him and threatens to send him to prison.

Afterwards, Fateh shows her the pictures of him with Tejo.

Tanya gets shocked but denies believing him and tells him that he must have photoshopped the images to trap her in his plan.

Meanwhile, Angad decides to end Tejo's life once again to save himself.

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Tejo Blames Fateh For Attempt To Murder Her

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Tejo hugs Fateh and tells him that it is a long story and requests him to be patient.

Later, some people will beat up Fateh while Tejo will try to save him and reveals to him that she is actually Tejo.

Hearing this, Fateh gets happy and hugs Tejo excitedly.

However, Tejo pushes him away and accuses him of trying to kill her.

Fateh gets stunned by Tejo's accusation.

It will be really interesting to know what Fateh will do to prove his innocence in front of Tejo.

Will Tejo believe Fateh or Will become a victim of Angad's evil plans once again?

Will Fateh be able to save Tejo from Angad this time?

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