Udaariyaan Upcoming Promo: Jasmine Wants Her Love Fateh Back In Her Life


Udaariyaan Upcoming Promo: Jasmine Wants Her Love Fateh Back In Her Life


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

As we have seen so far, Fateh and Jasmine return to India with Tanya.

Tanya feels guilty for Amrik's death and agrees to pretend to be Tejo in front of the Virk and Sandhu families.

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Tanya manages to win the hearts of the family members but Fateh gets upset with her and warns her to maintain her distance.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Tanya accidentally falls in Fateh's arms while Jasmine gets irritated to see this.

Unable to tolerate Tanya and Fateh's closeness, Jasmine shows her real face and says that Fateh is only hers and no one can snatch him from her now.

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Later, Jasmine hugs Fateh and tells him that it is finally time for them to reunite after so many problems and hurdles.

Afterwards, Fateh holds Jasmine's hand and brings her to the Virk house.

Just then, Fateh overhears Gurpreet saying that Jasmine is entirely free to start a new life.

However, Gurpreet doesn't want Jasmine to ever return to the Virk house.

Hearing this, Fateh releases Jasmine's hand as he cannot hurt Gurpreet again as she is still grieving Amrik's death.

What will Fateh do now? Will Fateh come to know about Jasmine's conspiracy?

Will Jasmine expose Tanya's real identity in order to marry Fateh? What will happen when both the families come to know about Tejo's death?

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