Udaariyaan 31st May 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Udaariyaan 31st May 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 31st May 2022 episode, Gurpreet shares her distress with Fateh. She asks Fateh how can a mother think of hurting her unborn child.

Fateh also doubts Jasmine's demand and wonders whether Jasmine is pregnant or not.

Meanwhile, Tejo shouts Fateh's name, while a girl named Kamal tells Tejo that he won’t come if you shout like this so Tejo asks her how will he come then.

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The girl says that the groom will come when the bride is ready. Tejo says I will dress up as the bride and get ready, while the girl prays for Tejo.

On the other hand, Rupy and Satti ask Jasmine to take extra care of herself as she is pregnant, while Jasmine feels that no one can stop her from becoming Fateh's bride.

Later, Jasmine calls Fateh and again tries to blackmail him by saying that, he had said that he will take care of Amrik’s child.

After the call, Fateh gets tensed and thinks, that if Tejo was alive, he would not have been in this situation.

At Sandhu's house, Lovely informs all the family members that she has seen Tejo going to Barnala.

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Everyone gets stunned and Rupy says that she must have seen someone else, Jasmine also jumps in the middle of the conversation and says why Tejo will go there.

Meanwhile, Jasmine gets anxious thinking about why would Tanya go there.

Afterwards, Jasmine says that Tejo is no longer a small child and we can ask her about it when she comes back home. Rupy agrees with Jasmine but is also worried about Tejo's well being.

In Barnala, Tejo is dancing with the girls there and then gets tired, the girls ask Tejo to take some rest.

At Sandhu's house, Jasmine tries to call Tanya but her phone is not reachable. Hence, she calls up Fateh and informs him about Tanya's disappearance.

Jasmine then sends an audio message to Fateh informing him that Lovely has seen Tanya going to Barnala on the bus and that they need to find out about Tanya before their plan goes awry.

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Fateh hurriedly goes to the bus station in search of Tanya.

Meanwhile, Abhiraj returns home and tells Rupy that Tejo is not in college. Rupy gets tensed and calls Fateh and asks about Tejo's whereabouts.

Fateh lies that Tejo must have gone out for some college work and should be back soon.

At the hospital, Gurpreet tells Jasmine to take care of herself, while Jasmine feels that she is more concerned about this child, as the child will be her ticket to re-enter Fateh's life.

While Fateh reaches the bus stop in search of Tanya and also checks the bus which came from Barnala.

Just then, Buzo also comes to the bus stop and meets Fateh. Fateh gets worried seeing Buzo there and lies to him that he has come to pick up a friend of his who is coming from Patiala.

Then, both Buzo and Fateh go for a cup of tea and Buzo says that he does not believe in Jasmine's pregnancy, as she may have been pretending to be pregnant to enter Virk's house.

Fateh then tells Buzo that his family doctor had confirmed that Jasmine is pregnant.

At Sandhu's house, Tanya comes back home, and then Lovely asks her why she went to Barnala.

Tanya lies that she went to the library and an argument ensues between Lovely and Tanya.

Biji interrupts them and asks Lovely to let the matter go as Tejo has suffered a lot so she might be irritated.

Afterwards, Tanya apologizes to Lovely for her rude behaviour.

Tanya goes to her room and believes that she somehow managed to survive today. 

Just then, Jasmine comes there and asks Tanya why she spoke so rudely to Lovely which made her doubt her further.

Jasmine questions Tanya as to why she went to Barnala, and what she did there, hearing this Tanya gets tensed.

Episode Ends!

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