Udaariyaan 30th May 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Udaariyaan 30th May 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 30th May 2022 episode, Jasmine tells Tanya that money is very important for survival and asks her how much money she wants.

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Tanya's Shocking Demand

Tanya says that she wants 10 lakh and 5 lakhs extra for tolerating Fateh's insults and also she needs money in advance.

Jasmine gets shocked by Tanya's demands and reluctantly agrees to give her the requested money.

Later, Jasmine meets Fateh and scolds him for fighting with Tanya. Jasmine warns Fateh not to argue with Tanya again as it took her a lot of effort to convince Tanya.

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Later, Fateh stops Jasmine from leaving saying that he wants to talk about something important.

Jasmine tells Fateh that she knows very well that he has come to convince her not to have an abortion.

Furthermore, Jasmine says that she will do what is best for her and her baby as this child is very important to her as well.

Jasmine Pressurizes Fateh

Fateh tells Jasmine not to take any decision that she will regret later as he knows the pain of losing a child.

Fateh tries to convince Jasmine that he will always support her and promises to take care of his brother's child.

Jasmine tells Fateh that he will drop her child at school but whose name will he write in the father column of the school form.

Jasmine further provokes Fateh by asking if he will write his own name. Hearing this, Fateh shouts at Jasmine.

Jasmine says that a child can have many relationships, but they cannot become the father of the child. The existence of a father is very important for a child.

Fateh announces that he will find a life partner for her. Jasmine gets angry and questions Fateh why he cannot marry her.

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Jasmine tells Fateh that when he doesn't want to be the father of his own brother's child, why would anyone else agree.

Unable to deny Jasmine's words, Fateh asks Jasmine to think maturely like Tejo.

However, Jasmine tells Fateh to stop talking about Tejo as she is dead and tells him that she is not as mature as Tejo, she is practical.

Jasmine tells Fateh that she wants a father for her child or else she will not give birth to this child and leaves from there.

Later, Jasmine tells Tanya that she has spoken to Fateh and now he will never misbehave with her.

Tanya tells Jasmine that seeing Fateh's attitude, there is little chance that he will agree to marry her so easily.

However, Jasmine is confident that Fateh will agree as she will force him to marry her.

Meanwhile, Fateh keeps on remembering Jasmine's words and feels conflicted.

Tanya Leaves With Money

Later, Jasmine gives money to Tanya and tells her that she gave her whatever she wanted and now she will have to help her.

Jasmine reminds Tanya that Fateh should be the father of her child at any cost.

Later, Tanya secretly calls someone and says that she has money and is coming with the money the next day.

Tanya thinks that if it works then she will not pretend to be Tejo anymore.

The next day, Fateh is saddened to remember Tejo and asks why did she leave him.

Elsewhere in Barnala, a mentally unstable Tejo is shown writing Fateh's name on the floor.

Meanwhile, Tanya takes the money given by Jasmine and gets ready to leave. She thinks thankfully no one stopped her and wonders if they don't get tired of showering love.

Just then, Rupy calls her and asks where is she going. Tanya says she is going to college. Rupy reminds her that the college is closed today.

Tanya says she is going to the library and leaves in a hurry. Rupy wonders why Tejo seems changed.

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Tejo Awaits For Her Groom

Later, Tanya comes to the bus stand and gets into the bus going to Barnala.

Lovely sees this and wonders why Tejo is going to Barnala.

Meanwhile, in Barnala, Tejo complains to a girl that a child took away her toy. Then she shows the girl Fateh's name which she had written.

The girl asks her who is he and why is she writing his name again and again. She asks Tejo to remember.

Tejo tries to recall and says that he is her best friend and her groom. Tejo says that her groom will come and take her from here.

Meanwhile, Jasmine dresses up as a bride.

Episode Ends!

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