Udaariyaan 26th May 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Udaariyaan 26th May 2022 Written Update: udaariyaan written update today


Colors channel's popular show 'Udaariyaan' is turning towards its very interesting twist.

At the beginning of today's Udaariyaan 26th May 2022 episode, the Virk family gets displeased to see Jasmine entering the house.

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Afterwards, Tanya requests Gurpreet to allow Jasmine to take Amrik’s books and photos as she misses him.

Later, Gurpreet asks Tanya to wake up Fateh and give tea to him.

Meanwhile, Fateh dreams about having tea with Tejo. Just then, Tanya comes and tries to wake him up.

However, Fateh pulls Tanya assuming her to be Tejo and she falls over him.

Tanya gets angry and immediately gets up while Fateh yells at her to leave his room.

Just then, Gurpreet comes there and scolds Fateh. Afterwards, Gurpreet tells Fateh that she and Khushbeer are going to talk to the Sandhu family about his and Tejo's marriage.

Later, Gurpreet overhears Tanya and Jasmine's conversation and confronts her in front of the family.

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Jasmine Emotionally Blackmails The Virk Family

Jasmine finally confesses that she's pregnant with Amrik's child. Hearing this, the Virk family gets happy thinking that they have a memory of Amrik to hold on to.

However, Jasmine accuses them of caring only for the child and not her after which she declares that she will not bring a fatherless child into the world.

Gurpreet, Biji, and Simran apologize to Jasmine for their behaviour and beg her to not abort the child.

However, Jasmine tells them that she fears for her child's future as she is neither accepted into her own family nor her husband's family.

Further, Jasmine says that she fears the Virk family might take the baby from her and kick her out, so she has decided to abort the child before anything of that sort happens.

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Tanya In Big Dilemma

Gurpreet requests Tejo to make Jasmine understand and Tanya hugs Jasmine while acting.

However, Tanya sees Jasmine's smile and realizes that she is playing with the family's emotions and wonders if she should help her or not.

Episode Ends!

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